Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cold hearts and Dogs...

So, tonight we went to a friend's house for dinner. Grilled yummies, home made ice cream... it was a grand time... until...
Our friend mentions that his neighbors are giving away German Shepherd puppies.
For free.
I should tell you now that Hadji is deathly allergic to dogs, and we think Alden is as well. You are now reading this going, "So, what is the dilemma then?"
Well, the dilemma comes in because Hadji ♥ dogs.
Let me restate that...
He takes a small stuffed dog everywhere with him, he names them, and feeds them. My sister bought him a life size one and he didn't put it down for weeks... showering was a real pill.
I feel bad for the poor guy, really, because he would love a real dog. And please, no one say the word poodle. I do not mean to offend any poodle owners out there, but really... I am not a fan of the poodle. The name has "poo" in it, which in our house would be fodder for potty jokes ALL day long. I also think the curly hair/fur also gives me old lady perm flashbacks from cosmetology school.
So, Micah grew up with a faithful dog his whole life, and wants his boys to have one. I had a beloved dog too... I mean a truly beloved, stayed home for three days from school to mourn her passing beloved dog... BUT...
I am no longer a dog person.
Basically I am not a real animal in the house kind of gal.
So tonight, Micah goes and looks at said free German shepherd, and wants it.
He will be outside, he promises. But all I can do is flashback to the smell of Buffalo yards in March when a certain someone just threw snow over the piles of dog dookey all winter long and lied to her mother, claiming to have scooped the poop. Yeah, that was a literal chore in our house; the Pooper Scooper... NOT that I am admitting to being the aforementioned poop cover-upper girl. (what? I have three sisters, it could have been one of them... that Sharon, she is a shifty one... )
So blah blah blah... I have no warmth in my heart for a dog.
Heart- Dog-COLD...
I do not want a dog.
I really do not want a dog.
I know you think this is where there is going to be a picture of a dog that we now own.
There is not, because we do not.
I almost caved, but then, reality and remembering what paw prints look like on clean clothes helped me to hold my ground. No, not in a snitty, I am a witchy wife who won't give in way. I had more of the child begging not to get a shot approach.
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease Micah, please do not try and bring home a dog!"

Well, since that Micah does lots, and I do mean lots of nice things for me, I now feel guilty.
Not guilty as in, I want to get a dog guilty (sorry Micah.)
But more of a... what else makes up for not giving in to a live furball pooping all over our yard... I mean Alden is pretty hairy, and technically he is not house broken, but I doubt Micah is accepting him as a viable substitute...
maybe if I teach him to bark...
Day Five in Jude's Exciting Week Is Officially Closed... and dog free...


  1. you had me worried.
    happy dog free living! :)

  2. remember all the reasons why baby #4 will not happen...those same could probably be your arguement for the dog as well :)

  3. I am SO with you on that one. MY parents just came up for the day and brought "the dog." I refuse to call it by it's name. It has fleas. It gave my nephew worms once. It's just eww. It's really a shame b/c I am the one that bought that dog. As a replacement for me. A gift to my father as his last baby was getting married.

    8 years later, I've grown to dislike it.

    When Simon was old enough to start asking for a dog, we had Felix. When Felix added to the requests, we had Titus. I don't know what I'll do when Titus starts asking.


  4. I L-O-V-E DOGS! In fact, I just finished watching a friend's dog for a week. I really want a dog, I mean I really really want a dog! No more after my week I just had! We have watched this dog lots of time before, but after vacuuming 4x and then having to treat her for her diarrhea and waiting and waiting for Jeff to pick up the poo, i DO NOT WANT A DOG! ugh! hairy, dirty and smelly...but I LOVE DOGS!

  5. Stay strong... he will ask again.

  6. stand your ground, fellow non-lover of living animals!!!

  7. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Jellybean- Shifty eh? Hmmmmmmmmmm... I had to comment here as your June 1st one was too serious to jest. Love you much...even though you poisened your son with a toad...

  8. there are a lot of pros to raising kids with a dog, not that i am suggesting you cave. they are truly like foolish kids you're allowed leave in the backyard. you are welcome to borrow our little crazy for a day if the boys need their fix (serious offer, we used to do this all the time before we got our own). it is probably a lot like having grandkids where you just get to do the fun stuff and then send them home all spoiled and ruined.
    did i mention that she cleans floors, kills spiders and is hypoallergenic.

  9. Awww C'MON JUDE...Dogs are great! They don't talk back (much), they greet you at the door (well they greet the man of the house at the door), they bark at strangers (or the people who live in the house and went on vacation for a week). Sure, it's just like having a newborn in the house (which you claimed you were wanting in the previous post). But they're SO sweet! C'MON!!! Pleeeeeze!! ;)