Friday, May 29, 2009

Where have all the babies gone...

So, there is no sadder moment when a mommy is changing out the winter and summer clothes and it dawns on her...

"Oh, this is it. This is the last time any of my children will wear these cute clothes."

That was today, and that mommy was me.
Day four in Jude's exciting Life is the mushy edition...
I remember before Lincoln was born, and my oldest sister gave me bags of her kid's clothes. She literally got teary eyed when she did. I remember thinking she was a real sap. (sorry Sue, I did.) Well, I will be partaking of the humble pie now since I am the sappy one folding clothes and wondering if I can squeeze Alden's hiney in this or that "just one more time"...

We are "done".
That sounds so pathetic does it not?
I thought I was ready to be "officially" done, but now... I admit it, if Micah were willing I would have one more. Ok, if Micah were willing and I had another bathroom I would. Even a half bath... No, I am not that vain, there are hosts of other reasons we are done, but they are not as shallow or amusing as a commode shortage. (and until your eyeballs are yellow with the need for having to pee and your 5 year old is taking so long to poop he could be editing War and Peace, please, do not e-mail me and tell me that is a poor reason to be done.)

I even asked Micah last week, whilst Alden sat on our bed, snuggling and babbling...

"Honey, are you sure you don't one more?"
"NOOOOOOOOOOO" was the immediate reply.
Oh, well, ok.

Then my love, my dear husband went where no husband should go...

"Jude, you are getting older, and I don't want to go through another pregnancy again."
WAIT A COTTON PICKIN' MINUTE... Since when are "we" pregnant? I never saw your gut look like a swollen watermelon or watch you have to trade your cute lacey bras for small weather balloon covers with enough clasps to anchor the sun to the earth permanently! "WE" were never pregnant, I was, and I took great offense because I LOVED being pregnant! I am a very pleasant pregnant person... really. Any wenchiness is not due to the state of my reproductive organs...

This wench is all natural, 24/7, preggo or not... !

So, anyway, once we cleared up that little issue, we did indeed discuss the many real and valid reasons we are "done".
That did not help matters today when I was forced to pack up little outfits that all three boys had worn. Little jeans with faded knees. Little onsies, that I had to realize, Alden may not wear next year if he is GASP... potty training!! Oh, come back little babies!!! It has gone too fast!!!!!

I am officially a sap.
My belly will never be this ginormous again. (well, let's hope it won't be... a beer belly on a woman is very unflattering!) I will never get to say I am in a current state of knockedupedness again either :(
Bleh, I loved that word!
I will not get to be this happy woman, who yes, enjoys labor and delivery... that grin is real, not drug (or alcohol) induced.

And this, UGH... I will not get to carry a little bundle like this out of the hospital and into my home again... yeah, I am typing and crying now... whose idea was this blog everyday for a week crap anyway?!!?

If you have a new little one, or are still in the process of growing new little ones... cherish it. It will be soon enough that you will be the teary eyed one packing up baby clothes, wondering, how did this phase end so quickly??? I know, when you are covered in spit up, and your stomach looks like a jello jiggler, and you just want to sleep, it seems like forever. But pretty soon, you will go wake your first baby up for school and carry him downstairs with a bit of strain due to his growing up, and he will whisper, "Mom, please don't drop me."


  1. I am so with you here jude!!!! and now i'm getting all teary eyed too - it goes by way too fast.

  2. dude, yer killin me here. Just when i convince myself I'm done DONE. LOL! It all goes by way too fast :(

  3. Are you really? I mean, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this post were followed up by a, "Guess what...?" post. Dang that Micah and his sensitivity to pregnancy. *sigh*

    I'm done, too. For real. More than three and people start wondering what strange religion you're part of. I, personally, don't think 4 seems like a lot, but I know ppl that do.

    If we start getting the fever, we should just take all 6 boys to IKEA. That should cure us.


  4. Sniff ... Matt and I have been saying this is our last too. Which in the first trimester of nausea and extreme fatigue seems okay right now ... but I'm sure I'll be teary about putting the last of the baby clothes away too. Have a great day Jude!

  5. I get out the baby box every once in a while and cry over the tiny little clothes. We've gotten rid of 99 percent. I had to hang on to a few from each little blessing.

    You have a beautiful family!

  6. you are a WHACK JOB and I adore you!!!

  7. I am going through all of that right now!!! I'm going through their clothes and trying to sort through it all. I get all sad thinking "this is my last time"...its awful...

  8. man alive...I am teary reading this...I'm not ready to say goodbye to all those onsies yet...

  9. man alive...I am teary reading this...I'm not ready to say goodbye to all those onsies yet...

  10. Awww, Jude is having a moment! I have those moments too, from time to time.

    I SOOO miss having my little girl around. I mean, she's still "little", she's only 7. But there are YEARS behind that number sad :-(.

    I would LOVE to have another baby. Right now...TODAY, in fact. But my 42 year old body and my 42 year old husband are simply NOT feeling it! Oh well, guess that means I'll have to make a trip to Toys R Us soon. They have the CUTEST little baby dolls there. In all shapes, sizes, colors and facial expressions. And for only $29.99!!! What a bargain! :-) And if you get the right one, you can find one that doesn't spit up, cry, talk back or grow up!

    LOVE THAT!!! :-)