Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello, meet Hadji...

Here is my kid.
His new name is Hadji.
How did we arrive at this new name of HIS choosing...

Well, the almighty box of satan, aka the TV was involved, of course. I have never hated and yet loved something so much at that same time. (the Tv, not Hadji.)
We have been watching Johnny Quest... a most politically incorrect cartoon from, I am guessing the late 60s?? Don't know, not gonna google it.

Emerson loves it... alot.
I mean in a - would rather get a spanking than miss Johnny Quest as a punishment-kind of way. And yes, I am exploiting that to its fullest. I am a good mom like that.

Well, on the show there is a little boy from India named Hadji. I am guessing India because of his accent and the turban with a ruby that Hadji sports. The ruby was actually used to flag down a rescue plane in a recent episode. I wonder if my "quest" for that new wedding ring would come to fruition if I could prove its worth in plane flagging down and such.
I can hear it now...
Hadji: Please mom, I need that ruby.
Mom: No Hadji.
Hadji: But mom, all the kids have jewels in their turbans!
Mom: So if all the kids tie-dyed their turbans would you? (side note:I would. I ♥ tie dye.)
Hadji: But mom, think of all the useful things I could do with that ruby, like flaggin down a plane!"
Mom: Hmmm... I had not thought of that... OK, if it is going to be that useful, go get one.

So, Hadji, his ruby clad turban, and his dog Bandit are a fave of Emerson. So much so, that a few weeks ago, he informed me that from here on out, he wished to be called Hadji.
But he is serious.
One morning I asked him "Emerson, what would you like for breakfast?"
"Moooooommmmmyyyyyy... call me Hadji! And you know Hadji likes turkey sandwiches everyday for breakfast!" The sheer look of exasperation saved him from rebuke for his demanding ways.

Onto example #2 of yes, he is that serious...
We pick Lincoln up from school and he keeps trying to tell Emerson something... Em is looking out the window, ignoring Lincoln completely.
"Emerson, listen to me! Emerson? Emerson?" Finally it dawns on me... "Um, Lincoln, I think he wants you to call him Hadji" Lincoln looks at me, and begrudgingly says. "Ok... Hadji?

"Yes Lincoln" came the smirking little Hadji's reply.

So, we now call him Hadji a good bit. Even the checkout lady and bagboy at the grocery store got into it. When the bagger called him and said, "Come on Hadji, your mom is ready" Eme- I mean, Hadji, got the biggest grin.

The boy has even asked to change his name "for real".
And he means "For real mom, I want my real, real name to be Hadji."
His stuffed dog has also been renamed "Bandit".

Stay tuned for more adventures of Hadji... upcoming episodes include:
Hadji and the Blue Eyebrows
Hadji's Disappearing Act
Hadji and the swollen eyes
Hadji and the Turkey Sandwich
So, please, welcome Hadji with open arms... oh, and if anyone has a spare turban and ruby, that would be great.


  1. WHAT! this is amazing. simply amazing.

    i've wanted my name to be abdirahaman mohammud but have never had the guts to force people to address me that way.

    now, my eyes are open and my heart has found a new courage.

    thanks hadji.

  2. lol must be fun in your house!! love it!!

  3. =) Joel is sometimes called Bampi ... not even sure where that one came from ... but I'm hoping it doesn't stick! Have a great day Jude!

  4. too funny!! Life in your house must be a riot!

  5. That is too funny!

    I didn't know that Johnny Quest still came on. Guess things are different now in the Bibbs household since it's just a little girl living here now.

    By the way, how did you make the little heart thingy? I think I need to know how to do that...don't you? :-)

  6. Changing a child's name is really easy in your neck of the woods. Just in case you wondered. Fill out a piece of paper, pay 50 bucks, hang your sign on the courthouse bulletin board for 30 days, go back and remove paper and give it to the clerk. Done.

    From the mom of the former Isabelle, now Elena. :-)

  7. oh my word.
    that is great stuff :)

  8. :) too funny!
    In my house, it's Ben 10.

    and also, how does one pronounce hadji? is it had-ji, just like it' s spelled?

    off too see if i can find that spare turban of mine....

  9. I have always wanted to be called "Queen of all things". Maybe I need to start ignoring my kids when they call me "MOM!!!!" Miss you Jude

  10. Anonymous8:05 PM

    ha ha I'll check the vault, Im pretty sure I have a spare ruby in there somewhere

  11. OMGosh! I've stayed away too long. Alden has morphed into a miniature Em/Linc!! As a mother of 3 boys myself, I feel your pain! I think there is a special place in Heaven for mothers of three sons. :0)
    Missed you-

  12. girl...i am in tears...that kid is the best...bwhahahahaha

    i'll see if i can find a turban for emer...errr....hadji