Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do you have a twin???

They say we all have a twin. (and no, I do not who the "they" in "they say" is, but they are really with it so I listen to them. ) So, they say we do, have a twin that is...
I found mine...
Unfortunately my twin is a small rat from the comic section of the paper.
It's okay, I am over it.
I can deal with the rat twin, because Dude, at least I am not the pig...

Here is why. Yes another comic strip, but man, this rat just gets me ya' know... click them to read...

And this is the one that started it all... I have posted it before, but truly, it bears repeat viewing.

I honestly do want that mallet.

I really have no human twin... in fact I am the odd man out in my family. All my sisters resemble each other and another relative. Alot. Me, um no. I seriously asked my mom once if I was the milkman's kid. (and yes, we did have a milkman, but that is another story.) She denied it, so I guess I believe her. :) Although growing up she did always say the gypsies left me on her doorstep. So they all looked alike, but every one of us four girls had their "thing"...
The oldest, Sue was the drama girl, starring in plays and such. Sharon, she was the nice one, all creative and motherly... a Martha Stewart type, only no jail time. Patti, she was the smart one and the pretty one... yes, totally unfair that one gets both of those, but it is what it is... (quick grab the waffle iron! LOL. Oh, you are not laughing??? That is because you did not read the comic.Now I need the mallet.)

And me...
I was the sister who played sports...
That was me.
So you can see how this went down...

Sue: "Mom, I am starring in a play again! Look at my name in the playbill!"
Mom:"So proud! You are so talented!"

Sharon:"Mom, I volunteered at the homeless shelter and made you this wreath from grapevines I picked and dried myself!"
Mom:"So proud. You are so creative!"

Patti:"Mom, look another year of straight A's, oh, and do these size 2 jeans make me look fat?"
Mom;"So proud, you are so smart, and pretty!"

Jude: "So, mom, I mooned someone today on the soccer bus home from the game. I thought you should have a heads up before the coach calls."
Mom:"Oh... so, um, well... aren't you just all muddy and bruised! Yeah for you!!"

Just kidding, I know my mom was proud, well, not of the mooning, but in general... and if she isn't she can take it up my father, the milkman...
Here is my latest LO for Unpubbed...
its Open call time so go and create something brilliant and win some free stuff...


  1. lol yep, I have a twin brother! But when I was in middle school I was always asked if I was Stacie's sister. I had NO clue who she was. When I got to highschool I finally met her and WOW, we really look a like. To this DAY we still call each other twin! LOL

  2. Jude, you're killin me dude!!!

    I love the comic strips. Espcially the look on the pigs face in the last frame. That would be me. And not because I closely resemble a pig or anything...I'm just sayin!

    And if you happen upon one of those mallets, I'd like to borrow it. (I'll chip in for shipping)

    It is so funny to see your comments about your sisters. Here in the Bibbs household, we are having "issues", so to speak with my husbands in-laws (I'll give you a minute) And the differences in you and your sisters just made me laugh. Gosh, it happens EVERYWHERE!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend.

  3. you are so the comic strips. I may need to get me one of those mallets.
    I do not have a twin, that I know of. Though I've been told I look like Nicole Kidman and Molly Ringwald. Ummmmm NO to both! LOL!
    The comments on your sisters are hilarious. Being that I'm an only child, I can't relate...but I see the same things in Pete's family. He's got 3 sisters.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week :)

  4. love the conversations of you and your sisters with your mom :) totally had me cracking up!
    but really jude mooning...i would have never thought of you as a mooner!! ha.

  5. You are just too funny...that mallet looks great! Wee all need to find them.

    Love the layout...watching blue jays! That is great!!!

    And I am still looking for my twin, I think she's lost.

  6. hee hee! Actually, people ask me if my sister Kara and I are twins ... sadly I am 2.5 years older then her! Just wanted to tell you that I think the title on your layout is brilliant! Your layout rocks! Have a wonderful day Jude! Love Kim

  7. Those comics are great. I really like you Unpubbed LO. The glitter word "blue" looks really cool!

  8. Hey Judy. Your post is funny. I did not know that you are a jock. Do you have a "junk" shot as well? hahaha! Great LO and I hope to see you real soon!

  9. rflmbo...that is so cute. You know Jude, we may be years (a lot of them) apart in age, but I was exactly the same way, not to mention the fact that my brother, the capt. of the wrestling team, I could whoop his was my blackmail...if you tell on me to mom or dad, I will definitely reveal that your little sister can THUMP you dude, in a NY Minute. worked.... I didn't have a sister who got all the charm, I had a little brother who was 1. blonde, 2. gorgeous, 3. the best athlete I had ever know (at the time) and 4., SMARTER than anyone should be.

    Hey, you know, someone had to get it.

  10. lol, love the second comic!! girl you crack me up and you are so awesome :) :) Great bage, love al of the ki, can't wait to see what you thought of LOST, email me after you watch it and I will call you!!. :)
    happy friday!

  11. Ok, Judi, seeing how my Grandpa was probably your milkman, you MAY want to cut it out with the milkman=your father jokes!!! :) Seriously--I know he didn't live all that far away. Was your milkman named "Dutch" Walker, "Dutch", Mr. Walker, or Owen???? Cause if he was named any of those--he's my Grandpa!!! (Hiding now so you can't knock me on the head with that mallet!)


  12. gurrlll, you got me crack'n up over're such a beautiful woman with a great personality...i luv ya for it gurli-poopoo...i seen that scene flash before my eyes when that happened to me and my sibilings...i was born in rosewell new mexico and my mom told me later in life that the aliens dropped me on the doorstep one day...and for a long time i always thought i was different from the rest..even though we all look alike, i still feel i'm somewhat of an adopted alien/human being...LOL...when you get a chance please email me...i do not have your email addy and i would love to send some info to you about our challenge....remain blessed!!!

  13. Too funny about you and your sisters! And I love the comic strips. :-)

  14. this blog!!!!! Miss thang? You've been tagged! Check out my blog!

    Love ya,

  15. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Jellybean-Martha Stewart? I would say "Puhleeeeeaaaaasssse!" but am afraid of he mallet.
    Egg Salad