Monday, March 10, 2008

You know you are a mom when...

So, you know you are a mom when...
You sit in a little puddle of baby pee.
I am serious.
Here is the story...
Jude spills the remains of a cup of water on the floor.
Jude neglects to clean up said little bit of water.
Jude bathes Alden.
Jude lays her clean little cutie pie in his towel (the adorable one from Greta) on the floor.
Alden wiggles his little chubby legs free.
Jude returns to lotion her little alligator baby.
Jude sits down and whilst lotioning, feels wetness.
Jude think this is the water puddle from before.
Jude keeps on lotioning and dressing the fat dog.
Jude sees her water puddle... several inches AWAY from where she is now sitting.
Jude realizes, this is not water...
This is baby pee.
Alden laughs giddily as he is questioned about his urination habits.
Sadly, I finished changing him before I ever changed pants.
I am officially a mom...

And since Chrissy informed me that I have been grossly negligent in posting photos of the fat dog here are some new ones...

And some new scrapbook pages...
First, this is a 6x6 mini for Ronda's challenges about TIME. Love the idea, will do the challenges, will be late with them I am sure... LOL.

And this is for Karla's Lift Me Up one Lift Me Up! blinky
You lifted a LO of the person who posted a comment above you, or was it below you??? Well, anyhoo... I lifted Miss Essence... Here is hers

and mine
And speaking of Karla, she tagged me for 7 Randoms... Yes, here are 7 random facts about me. I will name 7 other taggees at the end, who shall post randomness likewise.
1.I sat in baby pee this week. (yes, you already knew that, but it is pretty random.)
2.I ate Quaker oat Squares before bed last night. I am a cerealaholic.
3.I was quite the hippy in high school, tie dying everything I owned and wearing tons of beads.I even silk screened Greenpeace t-shirts in art school.
4.I wipe out my fridge once a week after I go to the grocery store. I can't handle a dirty fridge.
5.I chew gum like a cow, and crack it incessantly.
6.I have become painfully forgetful in the last few years.
7.I always associate people's "scents" with them. Like when my sister Patti stayed here, the bedroom had her scent and after she was gone I went up there and cried and cried when I smelled it.
I shall tag: Beth, Nicole, Corey, Melissa, Dawn, Sarah, and Lesli...
And I am too lazy to go pasting all the html links to their blogs. Sorry. I am a blog loser today, but good grief, I started this post Monday and have had to "edit" it four times already so... there it is. Taggees with no links.
And finally i will go now...
I have coupons to cut, groceries to buy, and baby pee to sit in...
Have a lovely day.


  1. HAHAHAHA! Too funny! What cute pics! Love the LO's!

  2. Roflmao....I'm dying over here.

  3. this post just makes me smile all over myself. Too funny.

    And that is NOT your baby! Surely that child is not little baby Alden. Surely.

    We may just have to go back to daily pictures like in the beginning b/c he has changed WAY too much from the last pics we saw. He looks so much like your big boys.

    Love your pages!!


  4. great job gurlfriend! all i need to do is learn how to post my LO's nicely like can't see any of my details...guess i need to take a photo class huh?....great job!!!

  5. Alden is looking so big! Like a totally different baby. You need to post more pics of him! He's so cute :) This can't be the first time you've sat in baby pee is it? Cuz I think I have more than once! You are too funny though, Jude. :)
    I'm off to think of some randomness...thanks for the tag :D

  6. Ok, do you know more than one Dawn, or are you REALLY referring to me?

    ARGH!!! I KNEW IT!!! Alright, alright, I'm (kinda) on it :-).

    Great pee story! :-D And I LOVE the pix. Great LO's too

  7. I always love reading your blog! You are so funny!

    Love the pics of Alden. He looks more and more like Micah every day!!

  8. Hi there! Now you have some pee to go with those juicy poops! Hahahahaha!Whew,roflmbo. Come back to my blog, we got the video running now. And you have to somehow teach me how to do LO's and put them on my blog. I am clueless but eager to learn. What are you guys doing the Saturday before Easter?


  9. eeh, it was just offspring pee. There are plenty worse things right? LOL
    Great pages too!

  10. love the randoms ....

    love those mum stories we all seem to have ... seriously! what have our lives become! lol

    luv chanel

  11. not just any mom, but a hilarious one. lol. it can't be a good sign that i have succumbed to enjoying potty humor can it?

  12. Holy cow that is NOT your baby!!! And the baby pee...that is just too funny!

  13. That fat dog is so chubbilicious! About the pee- welcome to the world of being the mom of 3 boys! LOL!
    I actually got tears in my eyes reading the part about people's scents and how you cried about your sister. Darn. My eyes are tearing up as I type this now! It must be that time of the month for me! Ha ha!

  14. good least it was just wet and not juicy poops. :)

    yay on the time book.

    alden is soo cute. can't wait to give him a big hug in just a little over three weeks.

    good stuff my friend.

    happy wednesday.

  15. Anonymous3:13 PM

    lol...i am sure you were also officially amom when your first baby threw up on you...or another baby spit up his milk all over you...or one of 3 said babies tossed food at you and you wore it in your hair without realizing and went grcoery i need to go on?? LOL!!! love the fact that even realizing what you were sitting didn't immediatley jump up and scream eww!! that you actually sat there and finished the job and tahn changed!!! totally laughing!!!

    love the time mini!! i am late on mine too...but it's gonna be fun to do!!

    have a fabulous thursday!!

  16. lol, i have stepped in it before, bare footed, ewww. lol, love your pages and time mini pages. :)
    Alden is the cutest baby ever!!! :)
    you looking at ANTM, yuck to fatima, yeah she gets on my nerves!

  17. always make me laugh! What mom has done or worn stuff from a baby..I have walked out with baby spit up on my back..didn't know it obviously until someone pointed it out. So happy you are playing along with me and love those pages!

  18. CUTE! Loving the pee story! Glad Im not the only one who has gone through this!! Found your blog in your signature and had to come check it out ! So glad I did Im loving your layouts!

  19. glad to hear the towel is still being enjoyed...

    love the pics girl...
    that pee story is cracking my butt up girl