Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sad, but true...

I have come to the realization, my Alden Jiggle is not going anywhere on its own. What is Alden Jiggle... why its this little belly I have left behind from my dear third born child, Alden. You know him, the fat dog. We'll get to an update about him shortly.
I remember having no issue after Lincoln... I was back in normal clothes easily. After Emerson, not so much, but still... I could dress wisely enough to avoid looking like a total jiggler. I had to committ to the bathing suit suck in trick, but it was okay. (note, if you are reading this and even have to wonder what the bathing suit suck in trick is, you are instructed to eat a large milkshake and fries everyday from now until you do understand. thank you.)
So, now after Alden, the jiggle... it is here. I must begin to work out, not eat popcorn before bed, and gulp... I am giving up coffee. YES, I said it. I am going to cut back first, from two monstorous cups a morning to one. If I see the jiggle go away with that, I will not lose my head and cut out my coffee completely. I mean, I am committed to jiggle annihilation, but I do have my standards too.
Now, I know most of you do not care about this, but I figured if I put it in writing I would be more apt to follow through. Plus, my friend Lorena and I are aiming to run a 5K next year. HA, I am laughing as I write that, but we keep saying we are going to do it. Plus, you can run/walk this event so, we technically have an out.
Here is a picture of me and the Fat Dog at the Park. All joking aside, he is totally worth the jiggle. He had, literally, his first fussy day ever Wednesday. His bottom two teeth are coming in and he had a hard time napping in the afternoon. He got over it pretty quickly though. :)
He had been rolling over grandly from belly to back, and today, he finally got the back to belly. He is still a complete alligator with dry skin like I have never seen. I lotion him so much he slips out my hands like a greased watermelon. And that is all for the fatdog report.
SO, on to the latest PO adventure which I never did share. Chrissy and I are SO fond of the post office. (insert eye roll here) It was actually a few weeks ago. I was mailing a package to Kim. (Did it ever get there Kim?) and I was trying to be more prepared, and not lose my place in line, so I grabbed the customs form and filled it out whilst balancing my box on my leg. The line was actually near the table, but some man came in and gave me that look that said, "If you are writing at the table you are not in line honey and I will snatch your spot quick as look at you." So, I turned back to the line and wrote the form out there, hence the box balancing. Micah graciously waited in the car with the kiddos. As I wait in line I hear a lady in front of me ask for a sheet of the "Incredibles" stamps. She is mailing a card to her grandson she says, and he likes them. Cool, I think, they have The Incredibles on stamps. Now, I am thinking, like you, of the Disney movie. We'll come back to this in a moment.
I get to the front and she weighs my box, takes my painstakingly filled out customs form and says,
"Oh, I'm sorry. This is over 5 lbs, so you have to fill out a different customs form."
WHAT???? I wanted to yell, but, I did not. I maintained composure and thought of the fun at the back of the line. But then she says, "Here, fill it out while I weigh the other ones and just stay right here."
I almost cried little tears of postal joy.
And Kim, if the label looks like chicken scratch its cause I wrote it like a mile a minute, I was not wasting any time! After I get the packages done, I ask for the Incredibles stamps as well. She hands me a sheet of comic book heroes, you know like Marvel comic books. I was not about to tell her I wanted different ones and risk the chance of never being allowed line wait priviledges again, so I take the stamps and think, note to self, never eavesdrop at the post office. These are some butt ugly stamps, and I pride myself and cute stamp usage.
Here ends the blogging for today....
As always, here is some scrappiness...
Layout for Unpubbed:
And two new ones to add to the Time mini. (prompts by Ronda, this week, well, last week actually, was time for play.)


  1. I totally know about leftover jiggle( that sounds nasty doesn't it?)...but ya really ought to try thigh biscuits...they're real appetizing! Hey, but, the kiddos are worth it. What a lovely pic of you and Alden (I refuse to call him fat dog...what's the story behind that?) Anyway...nice LO and I hope to see you soon.

  2. We ARE going to do that 5 K!!!I definitely need to after the quarter pounder with cheese, fries, and McFlurry (with both M&M's and Oreos) for lunch today! What was I thinking??? As soon as I have this baby, we can begin our rigorous training! :)

  3. ok. i have alden jiggle and i don't even have an alden. :)

    he is so stinkin' cute and i can't to give him a big hug in a few weeks.

    great scrappy stuff, too, my friend.

  4. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Giving up coffee is NEVER...I repeat NEVER a good idea... give up food is over rated!
    Egg Salad

  5. Jude, you are too funny. I always love your P.O. stories. YOU, my friend, are the reason I don't go to the Post Office, hee hee.

    By the way, about this jiggle thing. I was told many, many moons ago that it takes approx 9 months to lose your figure...therefore, it'll take you approx 9 months to get it back. Well, lemme tell ya...somebody lied! :-) My oldest is, years!!! And my baby is 6...NO, years! And I'm jigglin all over the place now. But think about it, if I lost the jigglin pooch that my lovely daughters left for me, where would my boobs rest?? Tell me THAT!! LOL

    Alden is such a cutie pie. I'd love to just hug him :-). Love the LO!

  6. oh my giving up coffee...with three children - jude are you ok?!?!?
    totally know what you mean too about the jiggle - although as you know mine is william jiggle - even though I had the first two together - baby #3 is definitely the hardest to lose the weight after!!
    love the pages too - the circles are so cute!

  7. i know exactly what kinda of jiggle your talking about!!

    love the pic of you and him...can't wait to see it on a layout...

  8. crap i can't decide who i want to be today...bwhahahahaha

  9. so funny! If all dogs were that cute, especially when they pee on the floor I eould get one! ha ha

  10. I can't believe you are giving up are amazing!

    ANd, I am still hanging on to some Tanner jiggle...his comes and goes with the season :)

  11. I laugh everytime I hear you call him Fat Dog..He's going to get a complex before he knows what one is. Glad the postal lady showed you some do have such a hard time in my friend. Thanks for the awesome compliment on my blog.

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  13. Jude Aldens face in that layout is just the cutest face EVER!!!! I just love it!!!

  14. Awwww! He is totally worth the jiggle. Such a handsome little guy! :-)

  15. Oh, I wanna squeeze that little boy!!! Imagine me at the post office--30 boxes, taking them in 4 or 5 at a time . . . they give me the "look" if my forms aren't filled in. I think there must be training in this "Post office" look... hehehe and you hated those stamps--I thought they were cute.(Dare I tell you I was going to buy a pop-up book with the Marvel guys :x)

  16. love the layout with the circles. your post office story just confirms that southern hospitality is alive and well...
    alden is not a fat dog - he is a snuggle buggle and the fact that he is able to roll just confirms his fitness :)
    and you are looking good, girl. as i am the queen of 3rd baby jiggle i can say that. oh yeah, and the coffee thing...wha?

  17. I'm so glad I don't go to the PO often. I feel like your stories will jinx me next time I go, because it's usually an ok experience. LoL!

  18. Yes! I got it! Thank you thank you thank you! It was like Christmas! And now I know to thank you for waiting in line too! Funny how you are talking about the "jiggle"! I was just looking at myself in the mirror tonight thinking I'd better break out the Billy Blanks bootcamp ... Hope you have a wonderful day! Love Kim
    PS. Love that art of yours!

  19. erm excuse me update needed!!! LOL

    I'm a fine one to talk I think I update weekly as opposed to daily!!

  20. i love your pages and you are gorgeous girl but i totally feel you on the behavioral modification.

  21. Surely that darling little boy is worth just a little jiggle. (insert wink here!) He is beautiful and so are you!

  22. Alden is so stinking adorable! I have got to cut back on some of my junk food to get rid of my jiggle too!

  23. oh i feel your frustration girl ... it is definitely harder as you get older, and i too found the 3rd one tipped the scales, you have to work ALOT harder! i found doing weights really beneficial and i've had awesome results since .... unfortunately i am totally pathetic at thinking about what i put in my mouth - that is my downfall! if there was no chocolate ... well, my life would be easier ... but not as happy! wink! good luck ....

  24. cute layouts! great blog!

  25. I wish all I had was just a jiggle! LOL!

  26. I so know about the jiggle..I have some of my own!!
    Hes so cute!!!


  27. Ah! How did I miss this post?!? Stupid bloglines...

    Can I have Alden? Lord knows I've got the jiggle already.

    And yeah, the P.O. I have to go there today. Oh the dread and horrors.