Friday, March 28, 2008

Fashion fears...

SO, I am here. Relatively speaking. We have been caught up in the rush of Easter festivities and a coughing Alden. We had egg hunts, egg coloring, cookouts,parties and such.
I even donned the old black keds that are made to look like converse sneakers... stepping up my A Game in fashion I know. That brings me to today's rambling topic...
Everything old is new again in fashion.
I wish I had kept my madras plaid jams, YES I said it JAMS... remember those? I picked up the Macy's ad and there they were...
Madras Plaid Jams. Although they are now referred to as "Walking Shorts". Whatever, we all know they are Jams.
At least if "Walking shorts" are in the insanely obnoxious and hussified butt shorts may be out. (note Jessi and Johnsons, hussified is today's new wordage) One can only hope.
And before anyone gets all "You would have worn those when you were a teenager" on me, I will tell you, even in my hay day of mini-mini skirts I would not have dressed like a street walker. Yes, I said it. Those ultra short shorts remind me of a Vegas hooker who has been on the strip so long she doesn't bother with the skirts anymore.
Next up, the return of the "bright bags". Folks we are very close to the "N" word here... NEON! I am, quite honestly, a little scared. I am having flashbacks to a girl with feathered hair, black and white stripped clam diggers(yep, that was what we called capri pants) and four shirts on, layered in alternating shades of pink and green neon. Matching earrings and eyeshadow followed of course.
So, I like the bright bags, (me love orange) but please, designers, for the love of all that is holy... step back from the neon. It has been buried in the 80s and there it should stay.
On to shoes... I am loving that wedges are still going strong... Like the above neon fear, we are treading very close to bringing back a forgettable fashion. "Jelly" shoes. Really, any shoe that shares a name with a sandwich condiment should not happen. (roll your eyes, but I don't think anyone will run out to get their hands on Mayonnaise, the latest in white shoes. Or Mustards... when you need a little spice for your feet, or what about Ketchups... a lovely line of red shoes for evening wear. See??? When you put "Jelly's" in that context, the name is not so good is it?) Anyway, I am in fear because I have noticed some of the wedges and other summer shoes are vinyl... almost to the point of plastic... ala "Jelly" shoes. Does no one remember how bad those things made your feet sweat and smell???
So, that is all I have on the fashion front. Now you know why I write about baby poop all the time... its what I understand.
And isn't that what all women dream of being able to say?
"I don't get the new fashions, but I can have an hour long conversation about my child's bowel movements."
New scrappiness will follow...
New Unpubbed LO. Its open calls again, go get your stuff out make something already.(I am the encourager on the DT does it show?HAHAHAHAHAHA)
And the gratitude prompt from Ronda... I love my Cherith. She is awesome, hence she gets the grat LO. (grat, new abbreviation for gratitude cause it takes me too long to type it.)
And the boys...


  1. awww, love the pics of the boys!
    you are cracking me up, girl i used to rock the jellies something fierce back in the day. i must dig those pics up and scrap them, totally cracks me up. I saw some for girls in target last week. It kills me seeing all of these teeniebobbers dressing in the neon colors like it is something new. and they aree rocking the colored hoops!!!!!!!!!!! gag, lol
    have a great weekend and love your pages :)

  2. oooh girl, I had a matching bathing suit/jam duo as a child. I can still see it in my head. Luckily, my mom never bought into the jelly craze. Phew!

    LOL @ your post. See you sooN!!!


  3. maybe you should be a fashionista. :)

    maybe when we get together for lunch in a couple of weeks, we can go shopping for jellies. hmmm...wanna!?

    great photos. :) so cute!

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    ROTFLMBO!!! crack me up!!! my head is so tired at shaking it in complete and uttter amazement that after allt he years of people and designers making fun of the 80's and trashing the whole idea of design during that decade that a)the designers would have the nerve to bring it back and b)the people will willingly wear it!!o and shhh...but jeely shoes have made a small arrival in children's mom and i almost fell on the floor laughing in the mall when we saw them a girl's accessorie store. just wait...the return of madonna material girl style is on it's way!!!

  5. Judy thanks for the new wordage. And yes I remember jellies. They do make your feet stink! Love your LO's!
    PS. Thanks so much for coming last week. We really enjoyed you and Lincoln. It was great to see you.

  6. What is with all the 80's stuff lately? When I was working, there was this younger girl in my building and she would wear this neon blue sweater dress with a big thick black belt, black leggings underneath, black leather calf high boots with fringe. with FRINGE! I was like HUH? Crazy. I have to tell ya, I rocked the jellies though. Man I loved those shoes. Even if they made my feet stink.
    Love your pages and the pics of the boys! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  7. I had some of those jellies...but man alive they hurt my feet and I barely wore them.

    Next thing you know we'll see the big hair and layered socks too...the 80s was a fashion decade I don't want to relive.

    Love your layouts!!

  8. Jude I feel terible I just bought a pair of jelly's for my 4 month old this weekend. There were just so darn cute though!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

  9. heheheheheheeeeeeeeee.... I remember those JAMS I had em too.. LOL. the boys look great.

  10. I remember as a kid wanting Jellies so bad. We could never afford those. Now that I am adult and I can afford them, there is no way I would buy them. But give me those wedges......

    Such awesome pics of the boys. I so love the pages....and I so love that you are joining me on this journey......You are such an awesome friend!

  11. AWE! love those boys... and ur fashion fears... Jude... Im young and "hip" or whatever and I DON'T do the neons... Now... I will say... I love my leggings under dresses... I do the tunic shirts... I do the 80's shades... the hobo bags... the converse... but not the jellys!! miss you jude.. xoxo

  12. You are bringing up bad bad 80's memories! And I'm with you - No neon or jellies please! I have noticed feathered hair starting to show up again ... eeek!

    Loving the scrapiness and the pics of your boys! Have a happy birthday my friend! Kim

  13. Such adorable pics of the boys!!!!!

    And,yes, I had jams and I loved them. But not as much as I loved my jellies!!!! Take me back, girl, to the 80s!!