Friday, February 22, 2008

A favor please....

So, I have a favor to ask all of you out there in blogland... This video link is for my nephew Franklin. He is a handsome little boy whom I love dearly. Last year we got the heart breaking news that he is autistic. I know many of you have already gone and viewed this for me, but I thought posting it here would be a good way to get some more folks to see it. The video gets $1 for every view and only 4cents of that is used for administrative fees.. pretty amazing if you know anything about fund raising these days! So, please go HERE view THIS ... and my sincerest thanks to the many who have, and even left such sweet comments to my sister.

Now, I must admit ... I am a sleepy girl. I stayed up way too late with Vee and Ronda last night. And Vee had to let me in on the LOST crucial point I missed...
if you don't watch you may want to skip this cause it will be pretty boring, plus if you're not a LOST nerd like myself and Vee (oh, and you too Adrienne!) you will be thinking...
"Good grief Jude, get a life, it is just a show." Yeah, Yeah I know that, but it is a good show, and everyone has their proverbial "Saved By the Bell" in the closet.
(get it.. haha, skeleton in the closet, saved by the bell in the closet... perhaps that is not so funny as I think since I am having to explain it... oh well, this is blog humor not the Tonight Show so...)

Anyway, I totally missed that Kate called the baby "Aaron" at the end of the show.I thought she said "Eric" so when they played all that suspenseful music I was like, okay... this is because she had a baby on the Island? But then...
Vee and I are IMing, and she says, "Can you believe Kate had Aaron?"
HUH??? What? I thought she said Eric. Where is Claire???
Then I get it... and the music makes sense, and the whole weird Jack meeting after court makes sense.

So, I am a LOST loser, its official.

And I thought Beth and Nicole would appreciate this information... I am refusing to go to the store today because, and I quote my own self talking to Micah,
"It is too cold to drag a just recovered from sickness kid and a baby out in this cold weather. Do you mind if I wait and go tomorrow?"
How cold is it Jude...
it is 31 degrees... yikes, how could I possibly think of leaving my house???
Sorry my Minnesota pals, clearly I would be a hermit if I lived where you do... hard to believe I grew up in Buffalo, I know.

Here is my scrappy I managed to eek out whilst IMchatting last night...
Man I love this guy, endlessly.
The journaling card below is hidden behind the LO in a clear envelope, so that the file tab pulls it out from the top right corner.

And that is all I have... my Em and an aquadoodle await me...


  1. Good grief Jude, get a's only a show!! LOL

    I couldn't leave you a comment without saying that.

    I'm not a LOST person...ok, technically, I AM kinda lost. But not with respect to the "show". I've never even seen a commercial for it, let alone an actual episode. But anyway...glad you enjoyed it.

    I think I sent you an email. But I did watch the video about Franklin. It was wonderful. My goodness, he's handsome. Hope you were able to view the video I sent to you. Quite encouraging.

    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  2. Oh, my..I am a LOST nerd. I LOVE that show! I've seen Vee talking about it on SIS :)
    I think Claire dies or something and Kate takes Aaron off the island and pretends he's hers. I have no idea why though.
    I watched the video of Franklin. What a sweet little boy! It really brought me to tears.
    Oh, and your LO is SO sweet! I love it! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  3. i loved it!! yes total lost nerd, raising hand! ha, i did get my snow day :) thank goodness because my eyes are hurting me :)

  4. dang you jude...i need a kleenex again...that layout about micah is so awesome! how cool!

    on a lighter note...we are going to WARM UP to 31 this weekend! :)

    enjoy your day my friend!

  5. I was just going to say the same thing as beth....I'm excited for 30 degrees this will seriously be a heat wave!!
    Love the page too...very sweet words :)

  6. cute page...and I don't watch LOST, didn't ever quite get it. But, now I feel I should catch up on all the episodes. Like have a marathon weekend at my house or something....

    I did that once with another TV series...DARN IT, I can't remember. I'll let you know when I do b/c it's going to bother me...

  7. was TWIN PEAKS! I watched the entire series in like two weekends while I was in collge.

    I don't remember how it ended though..

  8. hey Judy! Thanks again for your prayers for little Asa:) Your nephew is a beautiful child,and boy does that video touch a parent's heart.
    Your layout is so sweet. I got the feeling that you're in love:) I tried scrapping and I had no idea what I was doing. You inspire me to want to try again:) Have a good weekend dear.

  9. I missed that she called him "Aaron" too! I've got to get LOST on dvd so I can catch up.

    And I'm giving Sean a hard time about Skype. I'm doing the "but everybody is chatting and scrapping and I'm missing it" whine. He states that I'd never get anything done and I'd be on it 24/7. Not true! Only at night right?

    Anyways, off to let Sean see Franklin's video.


  10. I just love your style, Jude. I'm so happy that you love Micah so much.
    I don't watch Lost but my bff, Debbie is hooked on it. I have time to be addicted to only 1 TV show and it happens to be American Idol. If I were only 20 years younger....

  11. I love that video Jude. So glad you shared it with me. And I am lost in LOST because i don't watch it... I just don't watch a lot of tv. But, loving that lo friend. Thanks for your sweetness on SIS. Hugs.

  12. awwwww! to be in love, I will lift that in 15 years for a Robin and me layout ha ha! I did watch the video and that kid is stinkin cute I tell ya! I forwarded it to my mommies, thanks for sharing such a personal video of your family.

  13. I hope you get some rest - I will check out your link. The LO is wonderful!

  14. What a beautiful layout Jude! And thanks for the link ... what a beautiful video ... tears in my eyes and prayers for your family. Have a wonderful day! Love ya! Kim

  15. my husband totally missed that she said Aaron as well and didn't know what all my exclamations were about....wasn't that just juicy though!!!

  16. Anonymous10:23 PM

    lol!!! so not into lost...when the show was forever never on on when it was supposed to be the first season...i LOST interest and never got back into it just seems weird!!!LOL!!

    maybe you should come visit me in the winter...31 is at least zeroc that is almost beach weather, lmbo!!

    love the LO...super awesome!!

    have a fabulous thursday!!!