Monday, February 18, 2008

Dude is back in...

DUDE is so back in as my word for the year. I mean, I will keep ENDURE because it is so much more inspirational looking, but DUDE is back, I will have two words. Why you ask???
Because of this cartoon:
Click to enlarge it. I love it.
And here is one more, just for Micah...
Although I always joke that this will be what I would request if I was the dead one. :)
And last night I got a chance to video chat with Ronda, Beth, Jessi, and Karla. So much fun. Delayed Laughter, always a good thing. My delayed sarcasm... probably not. And Beth making us take self portraits during our drop and scrap Saturday... so not good. LOL. She caught me with a towel on my head cause I had just finished... guess what... Coloring my hair. I can't seem to escape getting caught with that color! LOL.
I got these pages done while we chatted: They are for the "This is You" Journal. Um, yeah, that first one is Micah as a baby... do ya' think his kids look like him a bit???
Speaking of kiddos, my poor boys were stricken with high fevers Saturday night. They were pitiful all day yesterday. I let them watch TV all day, literally. I NEVER let them do that and at about 4pm, Lincoln started saying his head hurt.
Lincoln: "Dad, my head hurts."
Micah: "Oh no, bud, where?"
Lincoln: (rubbing head) "Well, its actually my brain that hurts."
Micah: (getting worried because of the fever) "Where?!?"
Lincoln: "I think my brain is hurting from watching too much TV."
We were laughing at that one, and yes, he says that because from an early age I would tell him that if he watched too much TV it would rot his brains. I am so glad he has the concept down! :)
Happy Monday


  1. I love those little pages...they have fantastic design flow. As for your theory on 'dude', I'm right there with ya. I've come to measure the quality of some of my friendships by the individual's ability to wield an impactful 'dude'! LOL It is definitely one of my favorite and most commonly used words. I'm feelin' ya on the whole 'dude' thing.

  2. Apparently you DO always look like a super model{espeically after giving birth}. It's really not fair to the rest of us child bearing sows{dude, speaking for myself. No offense to any other mothers out there}.

    Dude, love the comics and the pages and L's sentiment about his brain pain.

    Trying to get all set up to join in those chats...Sean clicked out of the download and I'm plotting his death over it now, should I not be able to find my account mid download. Dude! I'm j/k.


  3. DUDE...I love those cartoons :-). I'm really feeling that statue idea. I may have to tell Mister M about that one. But God willin, he won't have to do one of me any time soon :-).

    WOW, the boys DO look a lot like daddy. That's kinda creepy :-). Like, what were YOU for? Sheesh! I have that issue with Jayla too. Fortunately,she's a girl. But she is Mister M in drag, you hear me?

    LOVE the LO's. And you look great in all of them, by the way. You've changed so much :-).

    Have a great day! Oh, and thanks for the sweet comments about my studio. Let me know when you're headed to IKEA. I'll meet you there and you can follow me back to my house :-).

  4. happy monday dude!

  5. the cartoons. I know stinky smelly guy too...he works out in MY gym. LOL... Tell my surrogate grandchildren to lay off the tv and the fevers and get better. Out dudette.

  6. it was so awesome video scrapping last night! so happy it all worked out.

    hope your monday is filled with lots of laughs!

  7. Alden definitely looks like a little Micah!! As for the fever thing, Josiah got that too. I hope your boys are feeling better!

    Steve and I think you should write a book with all your motherly experiences in it! It would be great and we would definitely buy one!!

  8. Hey there--hope the kiddos are feeling better today. We all spent the weekend sick. I had it the least--thank You, God! The kiddos are still glassy eyed and feverish. Shawn isn't better--but I think staying at home on the couch for 3 days straight made him completely stir-crazy! So he's FLYING with 2 students who try to kill him on a daily basis--gotta love it! :)

  9. Great LO's - thanks for the fun giggle this morning - I needed that:)

  10.'s all in the 'dude'. So funny..I love that word :D
    Video chatting sounds fun and your pages are great!
    Lincoln and his brain hurting...that is so funny! Jake said something similar to me about his eyes one time. Because I told him if he watched too much he would go blind!
    Hope your boys are feeling better today!

  11. totally missed the chat but i am so down next time!!! love the secong comic, so funny!! :)

  12. DUDE! One should not look that good after giving birth. It's just not fair.

    Love the's going to be a great album when it's all said and done..


  13. Thanks so much for your prayers Judy. Asa is doing much better. her fever goes up and down, but her personality is starting to shine through once again:)Please keep praying for us. (oh yes, you "bet" it was frightening!)

  14. I wish you could see my face as I read your blog. There's always a big smile on it every time- from start to finish! Ha ha!

  15. ROTL!!! that comic is funny and i think dude is a perfectly acceptable word!!!

    so fun scrapping with you and can't wait to do it again!!!

    have a fabulous night!!

  16. Love your layouts Jude! And I loved reading that little conversation! Glad everybody's feeling better! Kim