Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How it all went down...

Hello all!! We are here at home just LOVING Alden to pieces!! He is a really good baby and, though I realize I am partial, I think he is so cute.

Here are some more pictures and the whole story if, you care to read how the knockedupedness came to an end... LOL.

*Wednesday night at 2 am my contractions started.
*Thursday by 645 am they were consistent and 10 minutes apart.
*By 7:30 am I was in full bore prep mode with some last minute nesting. I mean, I was doing laundry, mopping the floors, etc... Micah was not happy when I insisted we water the plants outside as we left for the hospital... hey, who wants to come home to dead plants?
*I finally relaxed, and enjoyed the most boring afternoon of TV watching ever. I never watch during the day and all I could think was is this really the best they can do? How many people really need a fake judge to settle their disputes? Anyhoo...
*3:00pm we are 5-7 min apart.
*3:30pm - The ever faithful Jen comes to get Emerson. I am bouncing on her exercise ball and she doesn't even make a crack about me in all my hugeness popping it. (um, see photo... she should have worried. I was!! LOL)

*4:30 pm I finally agree to go to the hospital, this is when the plant watering is questioned. And check out that picture... the last official belly shot!

*On the way the contractions move to 2 min apart, and Micah informs me he does NOT want to birth a child in the car... Relax man, there IS plenty of room... (again, he is not happy with my humor. go figure...)
*5:30pm We arrive and the nurse says...
" Um, who sent you to the hospital?"
Okay... I'll play along...
"Well, that would be my 2 minute apart contractions."
"Uh-huh, and is this your first baby???" There is clearly condemnation in her tone, thinking she has guessed me for false labor or something.
"No, my third." I reply.
So, she agrees to get me a room, and I must admit, once she checks me I feel a bit of victory when I am 5cm, effaced, water ready to break... hahahaha...

*So we got all settled in, and by 7:30 pm I was 7cm. A tad disappointing to me. I wait one more hour and at 8:30 pm, when I am STILL 7cm, agree to have the doctor (a female!! ) break my water.
*9:05 pm - Water broken, Niagara Falls has nothing on me tonight baby.
*Intense contractions follow, and when the nurse checks I am a glorious 7½ cm... Whoopdeedo...

*So we attempt to go pee... apparently emptying your bladder is a trick to encourage the baby to move on out. On the way there I am frozen up with a contraction and tell her and Micah it feels like I need to push.
"Don't , your only 7½ cm!" she says...
"Okay, but no bladder emptying... let's go back to the bed."
*After a couple more contractions at about 9:24pm I tell Micah, call the nurse, I feel like I need to push. By the time Micah gets the call button pushed I am starting to push so all they hear is me... pushing... that is the way to make nurses run apparently!

*Before we knew it, 4 nurses were rushing in, and we were getting that baby out! My doctor got there, and yes, in just 5 minutes of pushing, out came Alden!

NOW, I did NOT say that it was 5 easy minutes, but 5 minutes none the less. It was kind of funny because they didn't have the bed or anything ready for delivery. We took guesses on the weight...
I knew he was big, but did not expect to see that scale say 10lbs 6oz!! It was love at first sight for me and Micah. Lincoln got to come up and hold him not too long after that, and he literally had tears in his eyes!! (although he told me he just had something in his eyes!) He kept saying how cute the baby was, it was very sweet. Emerson was literally scared the first time he saw him. Well... he is almost as big as Em so... haha. (and I will start sifting through the guesses and see who came closest!)

Anyway... that is how we welcomed Alden Justice into the world. I will now bore you to tears on a regular basis with tales of my rearing three boys. I am grossly outnumbered now, and when a baby pooping is cause for jubilant celebration, it is clear, I am losing the battle to tame the beasts...

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and sweet comments too... I will try and get a slideshow up with some more pictures soon. :)


  1. I can't belive you only pushed for 5 minutes.
    COngrats on boy #3. My husband says that we will only have boys too, because that's how it works. ALL boys or all girls. I tell him that if jumping on one leg while hula hooping might get me a girl, I'll try it :)
    I'm glad to see you are home safe and sound...Congrats again!!

  2. made that sound like a walk in the park!!! are you kidding or was it seriously that easy?? and if it was that easy...ugh,that's sick!!! LOL!! totally glad it was uneventful and everyone is doing excellent!!

    he is super precious!!!! I suggest getting a female puppy or something to even up the score...good luck!!!

    have a fabulous day Jude!!!

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Jeez, could you look any more beautiful in the hospital!! Congrats again on Alden, he is so cute.

  4. girl you are amazing!! :) :) I can't wait to see him, we must talk soon!! :) So so HAPPY for you and Alden is so gorgeous, you are not partial at ALL! :) I love you recount of your labor, you are so funny! :)
    congrats girlie!!

  5. So happy to see a post from you Jude...and full of the details and so many great pictures!!!
    Glad to hear that everything went well and sounds like you are all adjusting very well to the new 2:3 parent-child ratio :)
    Can't wait to hear more about this little boy..and by the way I think he's pretty adorable as well!!

  6. Oh my goodness, Jude...I am speechless!!! What an awesome story and great pictures. Alden is GORGEOUS (don't tell Micah I said that, MOST men don't like when women call their sons gorgeous) But what can I say? It is what it is!!! :-) Really, he's a beautiful baby (don't tell Micah that word either). Thank you so much for taking time to update us and share your blessing with us.

    I am really looking forward to your "Tales of 3 Sons" :-).

  7. OH WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! All the best to you and your family!

  8. Ok, I'm crying because I'm still laughing that Micha didn't share your humor with you. LOL. Five minutes girl. Way to go...and I've got a little something in my eyes too, he is just too sweet for words. Love and hugs.

  9. Glad to see you are home safe and sound!!!!!! Hopefully we will get to come out one day and meet the family!!!


    P.S. can't wait to hear all the funny--Jude stories yet to come!

  10. Loved hearing the birth saga. Such a wonderful story!!!! You sound like you give birth just wonderfully!!

    Alden is just beautiful!!! (And I LOVE the name!)

  11. Jude! I'm so proud of you! And so impressed that you only pushed for 5 minutes! Woo hoo! Alden is absolutely cute and gorgeous. Enjoy your new little man and all your other guys too!

  12. oh jude he is beautiful!!!
    I am so happy for you and Micah....

  13. oh my word...he's so cute...i want to eat him up. ok...not really eat, but love him up. when are you coming to mn? ;)

    congrats again! so happy for all of you!

  14. all choked up about sweet.

    And Felix saw the pictures and said, "Aww. Baby fat." He is as big as Emerson! Chubby little fella, so cute. There's nothing like baby rolls.

    So you never mentioned an really are my hero.

    Can't wait to see more pics!


  15. Gregory and I are so happy for you guys! By the way, I have already resigned myself to the fact that I will NOT look that good before, during or after labor :) You look great. I can't wait to meet the new little one. I do agree with his biased mother. He is adorable!!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!! you were way more put together than i was my 3rd time around! cracking jokes no less. and big kudos go to you for pushing out a 10 pounder! i LOVE big babies. my 3 were "only" 8 + pounders and i just felt comfortable because i wasn't as worried about feeding, eating, pooping, etc.. one less thing to worry about is good! so here's to you sleeping! and hoping and praying that happens soon.

  17. CONGRATS AGAIN!! Aj was really quick and easy too! LOL

  18. Yes, inquiring minds wanna know- was there really a ten plus pound baby birthed sans epidural?? You really are wonder woman, aren't you?

    I wish I could've been there to be the photographer but it looks like you didn't need me anyway!

    Congrats to you, honey!

  19. What a story! I bet you were so mad at that nurse thinking you didn't know what you were talking about...I know I'd be. I still am amazed at you giving birth to a baby that big...and then how wonderful you looked afterwords! Congrats again!

  20. I can not believe you waited that long to go to the hospital! Crap, I would have been there at 10 minute contractions!
    He is so beautiful, Jude! And so alert. I'm so happy for you and the family. I was hoping for a girl, but for some reasom my heart was telling me you were having another boy. But dang he's cute!

  21. Anonymous10:12 PM

    holy freaking frakin moly girl! you had a 10 pound freakin baby NATURALLY???????? Tell me you had some serious drugs for that!
    don't worry you aren't partial he is damn cute! I missed ya sorry couldn't post til now. I say give er a whack one more time for a girl!
    all the best to you and the boys love and kisses

  22. Congrats and glad you had a safe delivery and a healthy baby! He is too cute!

  23. FIVE MINUESTS???????????? YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! He is a complete doll...OMGoodness...It's so nice to see the big brother taking to him like that. It's just darling...