Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sounds and games and Prizes, oh my!

So, guess what I am listening to right now as I type? It is the sound of my home being pressure washed. Now, some of you may remember just a few posts back that I was whining about not having this done before the baby came... well... now I am whining about having it done. Here's why...
I am at home a couple of weeks ago, enjoying a nice little nap, when I hear a knock on my door. I go to the door, and since I do not recognize the person, just shout through the door, "Can I help you?"
This launches into a brief conversation with a gentleman who says he washes houses. Would we like ours washed, and was my husband here?
Um... there's a loaded question, cause, yeah, I would love my yellow-green house to be cleaned,. but since you are in a truck, with no markings on it of a business, I am not about to consent or tell you about my husband's presence!
Long story short, he insists he needs to walk around with Micah to give an estimate, and will stop by again, and no, there is no business card or anything.
OK, this kind of crap weirds me out, I will be honest.
Well, guess who comes back today?
Micah goes out and less than 5 minutes later, we are getting our house washed....
No estimates from a "professional"?
No calling some of his other clients to hear if they were satisfied?
No checking into what he is using, etc???

Yeah, I am a bit of a pessimist about these situations, so I will have to let you know how things turn out. Micah is a very good judge of character. He has picked up on things in people and then we find out later he was dead on right, so I will trust him, even though the planner in me wants to make these choices in a more, well, planned manner. AND preferably with a business card and glossy brochure. Maybe even a fridge magnet, ya' know...
I think I have seen one too many Dateline episodes about the "Travelers"... LOL.

Now... Moving onto the games and prizes...

Ok, so Karla gave me the idea when she guessed the baby's weight one day... SO here is the skinny...
IN the comments section leave a guess of the weight. The closest one will win some fun stuff... Scrapbooking stuff that is.(and lots of good stuff too!!) Unless it is my friend Sarah, she will win lots of teeth rotting candy like nerds, spree, skittles, etc :)

You should also challenge yourself to guess the arrival, sex, and name... but since I am not going to figure out that many winners, only the weight guess will count. The others, those are just to prove your innate ESP abilities to yourself...

You have until, well, until the baby arrives I guess. But please post all guesses here, cause I am too lazy to look through other posts for them... LOL. Sorry I can only milk this knockedupedness thing for so much longer ya' know? (cause then I'll be milking in a whole other sense... ROFLOL... man I am laughing so hard at myself for that terrible joke, I really should hit backspace but hey... a cheesy joke amongst friends is okay every now and them right???)

So, guess away...


  1. Here is my guess....Girl, 8lbs 3oz, September 10th! Anxious to hear!

  2. Milking it! ha ha! I do appreciate a lame joke every now and then! :)
    Ok here goes...Girl (named Corina! ha ha! j/k), 8lbs 6oz. 21 inches long, born Monday, Sept. 17th @ 4:42am.

    P.S. hope your house comes out all sparkly clean!

  3. I vote:

    Another lovely boy.
    7 lbs 14 oz (b/c that's what sweet Isaac was).
    Born on September 16th. At 9:16 am.

    See you at church tomorrow.
    Maybe. Hopefully. Sort of hopefully.

    I'll take my reward in Sprees, thank you!

  4. I'm gonna guess the weight to be 7 lbs 8 oz. I can't wait to hear when he/she arrives!

  5. My guess - girl, 7lb 12 oz, September 14th...and I wouldn't even now where to start with a you already have the name(s) picked out??

  6. Hey there. I'll take a guess. Since I live in Georgia and I see you EVERY SINGLE day...this is gonna be dead on! LOL

    I'll venture to say you're gonna have a girl...simply because you can't be greedy and have ALL boys, LOL. And I'll say she'll weigh in around 8lbs. 2ozs. Her name will be Dawn, because that's such a pretty name and ALL girls, except Jayla should be named Dawn. Don't you like it?? Tee Hee As far as the birth date...I'll say sometime between today (9/8) and 12/31/07...HAHAHA (I crack myself up!)

    Have a groovy day!

  7. You are just too funny :) Milk away baby...!

    My guess: a girl, 8 lbs, 13 oz. :)

    Enjoy that clean house!!

  8. i say 7 pounds 10 ounces
    and for fun i think you are having a girl!

    Hurry up and have that baby would you? lol

  9. Anonymous11:42 PM

    how about 7lbs 5 oz
    and hopefully a girl, that would be awesome.

  10. Anonymous11:48 AM

    my guess is a girl 8lbs, 4oz. maybe born on Sept. 14th

  11. Hi Jude!
    Let's see... my guess is what my DD was,
    8 lbs 15 oz.,why a girl? well so you can UPGRADE (yes, reminds me of those damn tampon commericals too!) to GIRL CLOTHEs, bc boy clothes are lame!! I think everyone should have a boy and UPGRADE to a girl... only fair! I, of course, didn't go that route and have issues with not finding cute clothes for my boy.

    Anyways, have HER on Wednesday, Sept. 12th at 9:30am..though most naturals don't go in the a.m. do they? hehehe

    I think SHE will be 20 inches long and HER name??? WEll, Jenna's pretty nice or maybe Abigail?

    Good luck and keep on MILKIN'!!

    Bobbie *Ü*

  12. :) so, so funny you are, my skeptical, knocked up friend.

    While I would love to say girl, I'm pretty sure I saw a little something on that ultrasound picture. I know you said you couldn't but I just...I dunno, a shadow or something? So I'm gonna say boy{but really hoping girl}, 7lbs, 6 oz.

    He'll be here on...Sept 11.

    And he'll be super long, 22 inches, b/c Mama is super model tall.

    Oh, and a name...I have no idea.


  13. Ashley Hill4:12 PM

    I say 8 lbs. 2 oz. girl! On Sept. 13. You didn't know I was reading this, did you?

    When I win, I want candy!

  14. i totally miss the othe post but I would say 7lbs 13oz
    :) I hope the guy did a great job on the house! :)

  15. Sept. 12, boy, and 8lbs 7 oz.

    Actually, I haven't got a clue because I can't remember your due date. hugs... and I'm totally with you on the calling referecnes thing. My husband is a licensed general contractor and has been for many years and runs his own legitimate business. The State of California has been plagued in recent years with a lot of guys doing "Contractor" jobs and not doing them right then disappearing or finding out that he is not licensed, and can't be sued for whatever reasons, blah blah blah, and it makes it difficult for the licensed Contractors in this State not only are they getting a bad rap, but the state regulations on Contractors are getting harder and harder. Ok I vented...Im fine now. LOL.

  16. i'm going to say 8lbs 11 oz. (that was my "teeny" guy born in june). as for gender.....i've known a lot of people who had 2 boys and a girl. so i'll say girl, on september 12th. probably 21 inches(that seems to be pretty standard). and it won't be long now, no matter what day it is:)
    p.s. LOVED the milk joke(maybe something about me totally being there right now)

  17. Steve and I have come up with a conclusion. If I win, I will happily share all the scrapbook stuff with him! :)

    September 14th @ 2:31 p.m.
    8 lbs even.

  18. Hey Jude!
    I say, 8lbs. 7oz.!!! I dunno, but that's what something's telling me!

  19. holy crap milk baby yet? Micah can enjoy the view for a bit longer. is the 10th and I have this thing about odd numbers so SHE can arrive on the 12th and I can't remember how big you said the boys were so iam going to say she is 8 pounds 2 oz...wait I gotta check no one else picked about 8 2 and a half...sorry Dawn. can pay up in candy or scrapbook milk!
    Also I think the name Ainsley Grey is a winner or maybe Julia cuz well u I'll check the mail. big kiss!

  20. Okay, let's see...

    I'm gonna go with Sept. 17. Babies seem to linger over the weekend and want to be born on Mondays! (mine did!) and hmm...maybe 8 lbs., 3 oz.

    I have NO idea on names, but kinda thinking about your other kids' names. It's gotta be kinda cool and original.

    How about...Everly or Aiden or Addison (actually, those were three girls that I was trying to name my last one, but my hubby trumped me on all of them. Dang him!)

  21. Or maybe Harper, since I see that To Kill a Mockingbird is one of your fave movies. That's a good name!

  22. LMAO!!!! o it's been so long since I have visited you!!! many apologies...and my excuses about why aren't even comparable when you figure the pregnant one who is truly entitled to utter and absolute laziness is posting and commenting more than i!!!

    okay baby talk...i am guessing, and I apologize in advance, but hey I had a big baby girl so it could happen...9lbs 3oz (haillee was 9lbs 10oz LOL!!!)and while we're dishing out names...what about payten, aislynn, or hayden??

    okay...go have that baby..ciao chica!!

  23. 9lbs 6 oz..Sept. Savannah.

    That's my ESP guess....hope the house turned out looking MARVELOUS!

  24. here's my guess:

    Sept. 14th, boy, 7lbs 11oz,
    11:20 am.

    at least with pressure washing it is obvious if the job is done. :)
    we have a pw in our garage not getting used...fustrating.

    talk to you later, bessie, um i mean jude!

  25. hmmm . . . i'm going to guess 9 lbs 3 oz since this little girl has been baking for a while. :-) 22 inches long and her name will be Elle (sorry, I watched Legally Blonde like 3 times this weekend, lol!). and i'm predicting her arrival to be tomorrow (sept. 13th).

  26. First of all good for you for not opening the door ... I probally would have (but I also have a great big german shepherd in the background). Hope the house looks great!

    My guess: Sept 12 at 4:20pm a boy 8lb 6oz

    Can't wait to hear the news!

  27. I tagged you come see me.

  28. Anonymous1:15 PM

    here is my guess:)
    7 lbs, 2 ozs!
    best wishes on your new baby!
    nikki hueston

  29. Keith says 8lbs, 8oz
    Jena says 8lbs, 9 oz
    Briley says 10 pounds
    Grant says 5 or 6 pounds
    Clark says about 8, 9 or 10
    Elena says and I quote, "why would you guess when you can just weigh him when he gets out?"