Wednesday, September 19, 2007

STILL waiting...

Yeah, so there is still NOTHING happening here in baby land...
But apparently I got a creative bug Monday and decided to whip out these cards for the Deck of ME challenge, which I am grossly behind on... however, it felt good to keep crossing weeks off my list... Here is what I made : (click on pictures to enlarge. I am still loving that I have figured that blogger issue out!)

And here is a LO I made last night for the baby's book... yeah, a bit behind on this too...

And finally... here are the pages for Amber's CJ. This girl LOVES bright colors, so I actually abandoned my normal blue and green mode, and made some bright pages. Her theme was Mirror Mirror on the Wall and you were to share something you are quirky about yourself with, and something you loved about yourself.
I got my CJ back too, all done and looking beautiful... thanks to Ronda, Karla, Amber, Malou, Jessi, and Linda. They all made gorgeous pages and I love it! :)

Ok.... off to the doctor soon. I am getting an ultrasound and stress test today, and hopefully there will be a baby in the very NEAR future!


  1. Maybe you will get to the Dr. and he or she will say that you are dilated and ready to deliver soon! Hoping for the best.....

  2. Great LO's.

    OH...DO TELL about the blogger issue. I have the same problem. Since you're not interested in having that baby right've got time to share with me how you fixed the problem...LOL.

    You know how to reach me...

  3. hurry back from the doctor...i am still patiently waiting.. :)

    i am loving your deck of me cards... ineed to do that...looks fun

    oh yeah and you def. need to keep the red is smoking on you!!

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    ok, so instead of nesting, you're scrapping?! I think there is a baby on the way soon...

  5. been thinking about you and that baby everyday Jude! Can't wait to hear the news from your dr.
    And love how the creativity is flowing for you - when I was at your stage with Will I only ate and slept :)

  6. Goodness girl, have some sex and eat spicy food. Get that baby out!!

    :) Hope all went well at the doctors office!!

  7. Love your art Jude! So beautiful! Looking forward to the news! Kim

  8. You make it look so easy (the beautiful pages)! Plus, even your hands are pretty. Not fair that all the good looks/long legs, etc. went to one person. Not fair!

  9. I got amber's CJ first so I didn't get to see what everyone else did, but it was fun and bright and all that good stuff. Everybody's cj was great. Still waiting for mine to come back, can't wait. Love all this scrappy stuff you've been into. Me...I'm still stuck....Hugs