Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh my... a SCANNED image!!

Oh yes folks, believe it... these images were actually SCANNED in... no crooked, poorly lit, digital images... amazing huh??? I know, I always say my scanner is evil, and believe me, I mean it. Micah looked at the program, and fixed a few things... what a great husband. These are two more journal days. These were fun to do, thinking about things I like and dislike about myself. It was interesting to compare the two...LOL. (okay, and a little embarrassing!)

And onto a little sad news... my little man broke his arm. Yep. I was in the car line at school to pick him up, and they came and got me. I held it together until I saw that little arm... it was an "S"... no arm should ever look like an "S" and it was especially disturbing to see my own child like that. He broke both bones in his lower arm, the X-rays were gross... like little snapped chicken bones! So here he is... eating a little cake, with one hand. That cake was his reward after spending 5 long hours in the ER. He was a real trooper, I must say. (sorry, I didn't even crop or edit these pictures... AND Micah even asked while we were waiting in the room, "Oh, you don't have your camera do you!?!" Guess he is used to me wanting pics of everything.)

And of course, he is still wearing his "glasses"... with the broken arm, it looks pretty hilarious. We go get the hard cast tomorrow... that should be fun! Poor kid, he misses school, and getting him to sit still is about impossible, though I was told he should do so for the first 48 hours... yeah, right, like that is going to happen.
Okay, going to go work on a new crafty journal type something... and no, it is not the previously posted cute notebooks from Target... I am still figuring out how to remove, and then reload paper in them. (SHHH... don't tell JEN!!) It is actually something I think will be cool, but until it is... you'll have to wait!! :) If you've read this far... you are truly bored... LOL... Sorry, you know I have to be sarcastic in here somewhere, otherwise you all might think someone hijacked my blog. :)


  1. Your son is beautiful. How could he not be with a gorgeous mama!

    The glasses are killin' me!


  2. I love your layouts, I really love these two, great job girl, you are making me feel like scrapping, lol

  3. Great LO's Jude!!!!

  4. Great layouts!
    I'm so sorry about your son. But looks like he's being a little trooper and being brave!