Saturday, September 30, 2006

JuSt tO LeT yOu KnOw... pages 1 and 2

Here they are... I cannot believe how little time I have had to work on these this week. Have you ever had one of those weeks that you thought was going to be so relaxed, not much going on, and then BAM... you are busy at all times. I actually got back up last night to scrap, at a very late hour... I literally had this book on my brain, and came to work on it, but... my printer was being evil and wouldn't print. So, hopefully in days to come I can crank these out a little quicker! Here they are:

This had one of the My Mind's Eye transparencies over it... LOVING those, and have several more on order as I type! I actually cut off the barcode part, edged some white paint on it and used it under the other transparency. WHY??? you may ask... because I thought it was very fitting that it said "My Mind's Eye 2006" How cool is that? I mean this whole little "JuSt tO LeT yOu KnOw " journal is all about how I see things... My Mind's Eye... Sweet huh? I also used one of the Simple Scrapbooks Quizzes for it.

Here is the 2nd page, telling "7 things you don't know about me." It was hard for a chatterbox like myself to think of some things that I don't rattle on about... I mean there are some deeply personal things I keep to myself, obviously, but other than that... I did share one I never have before. Can you guess which one? Anyway, I am still loving this new fun project, and can't wait to work on it some more tomorrow. (Unless that is I can't resist the urge to make a little "5 Favorites" mini-book from Ali Edwards challenge on her blog... It's just a cool little idea! Have a good weekend all...


  1. I like those transparencies too!! Good job Jude!

  2. I love how this is turning out! I wish I could read what it says so I can learn more about you! My magnifying class just doesn't cut it! Ha ha! How fitting.."My Mind's Eye 2006". That's cool!

  3. this looks really good, love the looks of this mini album Jude

  4. I just LOVE these pages! They are so cool!!! I'm gonna have to "steal" some of your ideas here!!

  5. Hey Jude,

    I couldn't post a comment on your "Test" post. I didn't see a comment tab to click on. What am I doing wrong?