Tuesday, September 12, 2006


And don't worry... the itching I am referring to involves scrappin' not body parts or rashes...
We just got back from the beach. (more on that later.) Right before we left, I got these in the mail...

Aren't they cool??? I spied them on ALi Edwards blog, then saw them at a new online store I found, so of course, having my usual acquisition issues, I ordered them!! I am itching to use them, and the new scenic route paper that came with them, oh, and yeah, the new HS chipboard alphabets that came with them as well... you didn't think I would let them travel alone did you?

Next thing I am itching to get at are these...

I found them in the Target school clearance befire I left. I was shopping with Jen, who though intriqued by them, managed restraint. She even said, "Yes, they are cool. Yes, I think you will make something cool with them. No, I am not going to buy any, I won't ever actually remove the covers and do it." Restraint man, that girl has some! I of course, talked myself into "just one... well okay... two, so I can give one for a gift... but three is a good number... okay four and no more... but five, five is it!" Why five??? Well, because five was all they had left! But what a steal... only $1.34 each!! I am going to take the covers off and make some kick butt cool albums, journals, somethings... I must or Jen will never let me get away with buying this kind of clearance stuff again... LOL.

Okay, so that is all for today. I will post some more journal days tomorrow, and hopefully a LO or album made with the above... I just need a maid, cook, taxi driver, and nanny... then I would be able to get some serious work cranking... but then I would miss moments like this...

That is my son... wearing his dad's old glasses... he looks like that kid from the show we used to watch at school... His name was Simon, and he drew things with chalk or something. If you remember that, you will agree, if not, I will now seem old to you... He has been wearing them around like he needs them for reading and eating, and such. It is pretty cute, I must say...

Adios folks...


  1. Cute! What are those?

  2. that photo of your son is so cute, love your target find, sweet
    and love those coaster things, sweet, lol

  3. I think it was Harold and the Purple Crayon. Drew with chalk and crayon everywhere. Or maybe I'm thinking of something totally different? LOL He does look just like him, though. Cute!
    I LOVE that stuff you got! Is that round patterned paper? Can't tell.
    And those journals are SO great, and what a deal!!

  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Here's an idea for the Target clearance albums. 1.Since the cover is congrugated cardboard tear it off and use it in your LOs. Use the paper for journaling.
    2.Decorate the cover and give as a gift. 3.Give as a gift without any changes. Hopefully your friend Jen will help you come up with ideas;)