Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Project... and some lovely X-Ray photos...

Okay, we'll start with the pretty stuff...
here is my new cool-mo journal/project/scrapbook/type thing... Obviously I haven't settled on a name. I got these Maya Road Chipboard albums after I saw, who else, Ali Edwards, use one in the CK magazine a few months ago... I love them. They are very cool, and the chipboard is really sturdy, it just feels "artsy" when you hold it. I am going to do it answering some of the quiz questions from the Simple Scrapbooks Shortcuts magazine. Honestly, when I first saw the magazine, I just loved the LO on the front... the fact that it had all these cool quizzes was just a bonus. i will also include just some random thoughts, like a journal i guess. I loved doing the 31 days one, so this will have some days like that I suppose. I just want some things for my kids and even grandkids to look back at, and realize, "WOW, she was a real person, who wasn't always wearing Depends and gumming pudding."
Here is the cover... I don't have time to get the first pages done and scanned, maybe tomorrow... or on the weekend!LOL... life is always busy isn't it!?!?

ANd yes... this is another SCANNED image... sans Micah's help, which is a miracle...

ANd, on a little bit of a grosser note... (is that word? Grosser?) Here are Lincoln's X-ray shots. The orthopedic doctor was so kind, and he e-mailed them to us. I did take my camera too, so here he is getting his cast as well. If you have a weak stomach... don't look!LOL. I think it is pretty amazing though to see how God made their little bones to heal so quickly. And once you see that SNAP, pretty amazing that he didn't cry more!

Of course we went with Carolina Blue over Duke blue...

Nice huh??? This is from the ER on Friday. We got one from Tuesday too, showing how much it healed, but it wouldn't load... not sure why... but hey, one gross bone x-ray per blog entry is enough right?


  1. sounds like some cool projects you got coming up, I love those maya road albums, can't believe I can't find them anywhere, anymore!

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!! And yep, grosser is a word!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover. I am excited to see your creative mind at work, so I can steal your ideas!

  4. Ouch! That x-ray is shocking!!! Poor little man! I guess the cool part for him is getting to wear a cast??!!?

    Love the album. I have the magazine you're talking about. I'll have to look it over again. I bought it just to have it and didn't do much with it.

    Love your work!