Friday, September 01, 2006

Album for my sister...

So this "album in a tin" is for my sister, Patti. She was so generous and took me to Austria with her on a business trip. We had a great time, she was so much fun to travel with. She travels alot for work, so she knows how to manuever everything from cabs to airports. And let me just say, if you have never been to a "Red Carpet Lounge" you should. This is a place in the airport where you can wait between flights. There are big comfy chairs, TVs, computer access, and CAPPUCINO!! There is even a food and drink bar.(complete with fancy cheeses, and shwanky crackers. These were not wheat thins my friends.) Apparently, once you are in the "Red Carpet Club", you get to enjoy all this by merely flashing your card, and all the ammenities are no charge. Obviously you have to pay to be a member, or all of us normal travelers would be in there sucking down the free drinks, and stealing the real forks. I am the normal traveler, I never knew such a place existed in the airport. I could have stayed there for a whole week, just keep the french vanilla capuccinos coming... and no, I did not steal any of the forks, but I did take an extra pack of crackers... I hope that wasn't too redneck of me.LOL.
I did have one advantage over my traveling savvy sister... I speak German!!LOL. It really did come in handy after all these years...
Anyway, we traveled in style and had a blast, so this album is my thank you gift to her... I used BG Urban Couture, We R Memory Keepers Ribbon,HS Rubons,and 7 Gypsies and MM Word stickers. Let me know what you think.
Oh, and as usual, the photos are a little crooked, the album is quite straight... And a word to the wise... don't use too many brads, eyelets, staples, etc, or the tin will won't close anymore. (too fat) You can then use some of your cool ribbon stash to keep it closed, and pretend you did it on purpose.
Auf Weidersehen!!

PS click on the photos to enlarge them...


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    That album is a beautiful thing! She is going to want to take you on all her trips.

  2. Egg Salad12:29 PM

    That album is a beautiful thing... as are you!

  3. great mini album Jude, I would love to go to australia

  4. You did a great job on this! Love it

  5. What a sweet, sweet album! She will LOVE this!!
    Sounds like you had an amazing trip. And the members-only lounge sounds great! I could also get used to having people just hand drinks over to me!