Friday, June 10, 2011

"Kill Me Now" she cried...

Really, she did. And I should know because, I am that she.
It started last week when Hadji affirmed via, a large amount of pukage that we are, in fact going to be ripping up our carpet this summer. Yes, he had brought home that loveliest of all childhood illnesses, the puking bug. (usually accompanied by the diarrhea bug, but since we talk about poop enough on this here blog, let's suffice to say this bug covered ALL the bases.)
Hadji = good patient 

Hadji was laid up for 4 days. He was pitiful. Poor kid threw up water, sprite, anything he put near his mouth.
 Saturday night, it hit Lincoln. Now, my Lincoln, who broke his arm at age four and cried just a bit... he can be a bit more, eh, dramatic, about sickness, especially when pukage is involved. So when he came down at 130 am freaking out, and I do mean freaking out, and getting all "I just have to lay down, I need to lay down, don't make me go to the bathroom" and on and on and on... then literally tried to lay down on top of Alden, who was already on the couch with a fever, I almost had to pull out the Doc Baker on him. What is the doc Baker you ask? Well, if you are an avid Little House fan like I am, you know that, sometimes, the patient just needs a slap in the face and to be told to calm down. I was almost to that point. Not really, I did have to take him in my arms, and tell him to "Chill out. I already have one puker upstairs, and a fever on the couch. You can puke and be sick, but you cannot, CANNOT be hysterical like this."
Then, Sunday night it got me. Hard. Like, sorority girl done had too much mad-dog, hard.

So, sickness = List time:
 1. Fish and Chips tastes alot better going down than they do coming back up.
Look at me. Sunday night dinner with friends. 
Smiling. Having no idea what was coming in just a few short hours. 

2. You can, in fact throw up water.
3. Apparently, my body ran out of bile, because I threw up some blood too. That was special.
4. Hadji and I both lost 6 lbs. I am not gonna lie, that is the upside to the whole tale.
5. At one point, as I lay writhing in pain, my Micah came in and asked what he could do. I begged him to shoot me and put me out of misery. He declined. Today, that decision seems wise.
Alden added a fever to the party. We like to mix things up here at the casa, keeps it lively.

6. I really found it odd that Lincoln laid on the bathroom floor and would whimper and moan in his sleep. Once it hit me, I understood why, and I shant ever call him a drama queen again.
7. Also overheard, "I am crying because yes, I am in pain, but also because I am NOT this WIMPY! I would rather give birth ten times over than keep feeling like this!" Though I see the rashness of asking to be shot, I really would rather give birth than have this bug again.
8. A sweet friend went and got us some groceries. I am always the one who tells other people to ask for help, and you know what... you should, I should, WE all should! That is what friends are for, and it was a huge help!
9. My boys are a lot tougher than I gave them credit for. Neither of them asked to be shot, or give birth... though, the second request would have me worried on a whole different level.
 The Bucket. My friend.

10. My Micah is a patient and wonderful husband, and I am glad he didn't shoot me.
11. This is my self portrait for Monday. Sad, but true. All of them are via the iphone so this will be a stellar week for the Project 365. 
Just look away. It is scary, I know.


  1. Sounds like our house at Christmas. Thankfully only pukage for me and Jonas. The others weren't so lucky. I was 7 months pregnant at the time too. Not a fun time, but memorable! And those little guys bounce back fast. Jonas recovered in 24 hours while it took everyone else down for a good 3-4 days. Boo for bugs. Glad you are recovered. Now. When's the big bonfire for carpet, linens, sofa and everything to make sure that bug is gone? ; )

  2. I hope you are all recovering nicely....I hope this never hits our house and I hope your wood floors under your carpet never see such puke as this! ;0)

  3. oh...ugh! In my opinion there is nothing worse than puke sick. I'm so sorry you all had to suffer through that, it sounds horrible. I hope you guys are feeling better now!
    but hey---new carpet, or other new floor covering is a plus, eh?! :)

  4. Jude! I am so sorry that you all were sick but you make it sound so funny! What a gift you have. :)

  5. Aww...Your week sounds horrible. I hope you guys are all better.

  6. Is it bad that i kind of laughed about the commentary of the photo of you at dinner before getting sick. it is so sad that you have no idea that it's going to happen before you are in the midst of it!

    hope you all back to 100% now...and that this is the last appearance of that bug for a long, long time!