Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Crafty girl needs staple gun...

So I decided to get crafty last week. I had seen a couple of projects out there on the WWW and wanted to try them. I discovered a couple things...
#1 A stapler and a staple GUN are not the same thing. In a pinch, a stapler will do, but it does bring a certain redneck vibe to the crafting.
#2 If you bring out chicken wire, any and all testosterone bearing beings living in your home want to get involved and help.
#3 I ♥♥♥ spray paint.

Here is the first craft. It started out looking like this:

                   Yes, this is a framed set of photos... of a maestro.

I am not sure who he is, but poor guy, he had a $3 sticker from the Goodwill smack dab across his face.
See? I took it off for him.
008 009 010
Look much happier he is now that he can see!

Next up I removed all the hardware from the frame, and the maestro's photos. Don't worry, I cannot throw out a photo. I will find something to do with our musical friend. After removing the hardware, I broke out one of my BFFs ... the Clorox wipes.  And yes, those hand photos, totally staged. I don't think the hand models of the world need fear though.

Now it is time for the fun part. SPRAY PAINT! There is really no advice or instruction here except that a few thin coats look better than a one thick drippy one. I sprayed, waited an hour or so, and then sprayed again, waited, and then went back for a final touch up. I also sprayed the back side area, since on this particular frame, it is visible.
043 048 054

 Next up the Chicken Wire. Yes, I had to buy this ginormous roll, but I plan on using the rest in my garden, so I didn't mind. You should know, chicken wire is SHARP. The boys held the roll out for me while I cut the appropriate size. You want it large enough to be attached to the back, but not hanging over any edges.
008 010 

Lest you think I was kidding about the stapler... I wasn't it. Micah has promised to upgrade me to a real staple GUN next trip to the hardware store.  You basically just need to wind up the loose ends of the chicken wire and make sure they are not sticking out. Then, break out the stapler staple gun.
025 020

And now, for the finished product:
126 128
I am not sure if I will actually hang the frame or just sit it on a ledge shelf, but I am leaning toward a ledge shelf so that taking the earrings on and off is easier.

There is another craft, but goodnight I tried uploading photos via flickr this time, and WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT that is! You will notice the photos are not equally aligned and that is about to give me a nervous tick. Bloggers uploads are always pixelated though, so I guess I can offer up two options: properly aligned and blurry photos, or clear and misaligned ones. Either way, I just want to plunk photos where I want them in a post... is that too much to ask?