Friday, June 03, 2011

Crafty Gal, part DEUX...

 Ok, I am a glutton for photo frustration, so let's try this again. Another way. If this doesn't work, I give up, and this may become a photo free blog. My nerves and temper cannot handle this anymore. I am becoming the reason for gun control laws...

Here is the frame before. A charming shade of pink. I grabbed this off the clearance rack at Michaels. I saved the glass, and when I told Micah we could use it for say, replacing the playhouse windows that Hadji knocked out with a hoe. (oh, yes, tis true.) Micah looked at me funny, because I am pretty sure that neither of us a) knows how to repair a window or b) how to cut glass or c) will ever try to learn.  I am saving that glass... for something, maybe.

Here is the after. I am pretty pleased. OK, I am lying... I LOVE IT! I initially just grabbed some 4x6 photos I had laying on my scrap desk. Then I decided to print off some smaller sized polaroid-ish looking ones, and liked that better. I grabbed a few random shots all from within the same few days in May. I think that is what I will do with this frame. Favorite shots of the month before. 

 This is my helper. He was fired for loafing around on the job, and sniffing paint fumes. Oh, wait... the paint fumes was me, and that was after trying to post these photos drove me to it...


  1. I've been wanting to do this too! It turned out so cute, I love it! So are those regular sized clothes pins or tiny ones? Also, did you get the wire at Michaels too? or did you have to go somewhere else for that?

  2. It turned out fab!!!!

    Home Depot = glass cutting kit! LOL

  3. You are on a roll!!! Love it.

  4. Never give up on posting photos. IMHO, you don't post enough. Practice makes perfect. :)

    VERY cool DIY project. :)

  5. Hey there! CONFESSION: I haven't even read this post of yours yet! But I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to see that you commented on my blog yesterday. I've missed you!!! I will come back...hopefully today and read this post (and the other 50 million that I've missed)! LOVE ya! Miss ya!

  6. Awesome craftiness Jude! I like both of your projects!