Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orphan Sunday, 11/6/11.

Orphan Sunday from DTJ on Vimeo.

I stole this from my friend jena's blog.
orphan sunday is 11/6/11.
folks, let's talk turkey.
we live in houses too big for us,
crammed with too much crap we don't need.
kids are dying
and hungry
and homeless.
stop. don't buy that coffee.
don't go out for that meal.
give to a charity like hopechest.
i am speaking to myself here.
shoe buying freak that i am.
or maybe...
its time to make room in your home... for one more bed.


  1. I heard about these bunk beds that are three high instead of two high. Hmmmm. Of course I heard that at the Christian Alliance for Orphan Conference from families that make my family look like a little tiny pack of penners.

  2. Oopsie... didn't know I was under Keith's profile! -Jena

  3. I can't listen to the video right now as I'm listening to my BBC radio show, but if the lyrics are anything to go by I love it already.

  4. Lovely post, Jude. I do agree...we have so much...what is it they whom much is given much is expected? Something to put into practice... :)

  5. Hey Jude..Dont know if you remember me, but Greg and I went to PBC with Micah.
    Love your blog and just thought I would let you know that if/when you all decide to make room for one more, I would love to share our adoption story and answer any questions you all might have. :) It has been such a blessing to us.