Saturday, July 02, 2011

Crafty gal... sorta.

Here is the latest in the crafty gal series. For the record, my definition of a being a crafty gal is this:

crafty gal  (kr-af-tee gal) n. one who spies cute ideas on the WWW and adapts them to her own level of lazy crafting. (time, children, and the level of dust on household surfaces makes the lazy level a variable, not a constant.)
v. one who crafts, sort of. "I can't wash the dishes, I am crafty girling it."

So here is the latest project. I should dig through my files and find the original source so I can link it. But then the link turns purple, and we all know how I feel about purple. No, really, I will try and go find it and add it in. Suffice to say this is NOT my idea. I crafty gal copycatted it. Polaroid Photo Magnets. Its not a very catchy name, but there it is.
You will need:
 That includes: scissors, glue gun, white paint, tray, and brush. white sharpie, paper glaze, magnets, chipboard, photos printed to approximately 1¼ x 1¼. (you can add in a polaroid frame in photoshop or just print with a enough border to trim them to look that way. I used a polaroid overlay thingy.)

Close ups of the Supplies, just in case my resize to appease blogger is not large enough. You will also note, I added in more supplies later, and didn't use some of these. That is because by george, if I was going to make a craft and actually take photos of the supplies, they were going on the blog. I will note the ones added and used as we go along.

Trim photos, and adhere to chipboard. Cut them out to the exact size of your photo. You may need an exacto knife here.

Next, you will need to decide... does the brown edge bother me enough to paint it or not? I had out the sharpie, and the white paint. after trying both, I went with the paint.

Here is where we did some supply substituting. I read that sometimes paper glaze can warp photos, mess with the ink, etc. I was going to throw caution to the wind, when that voice from home economics in the 8th grade saying, "You really should follow a pattern" and the memory of a skirt I made that became a lovely bag came to mind. (the skirt/bag?  i made it sans pattern, and sewed the hem shut by mistake.) So, I decided to try packing tape.

It worked perfectly. You just trim it with sharp scissors or an exacto.

When all that is dry, taped, and done, you add the magnets. More supply omission. I forgot that my magnet was the already sticky kind, so no need for the glue gun. Maybe I was just trying to validate myself to the crafting community by showing that I do, in fact, own a glue gun.

Finally the finished product. I hastily photographed them, and the photos are terrible. Lazy crafty jumped in and didn't bother with her flash bouncer thingy, so the ISO is cranked up which = grainy photos.

I am looking forward to making some from our beach trip. What beach trip? you ask... well, stay tuned. I will bore you with that soon enough. If you have made it this far, go have a cookie. Amen.


  1. You know that wall with the frames that still had the store family's pictures in them? You should do that ENTIRE wall with this idea!!! I love it!! :)

  2. Lovely. Although it does hurt a little that Lego guys have a picture and your good friends the lidboms do not.

  3. I love crafty gal! She rocks

  4. those turned out great! and i love to know that someone else crafts like i do! in the words of Tim Gunn: Make it work! LOL!

  5. Hey, I am a crafty gal too, lol. I love these! :)

  6. i need to do this!! really, really love them! please share if you do the beach photos.