Thursday, August 26, 2010

Observe This...

It is time for another substitute for a real post, aka "The List". Here goes...

1. The older boys started school yesterday. No one cried, not even the mama. I say that is nothing short of miraculous.

2. I bought all three boys the same shirts for yesterday. Does that make them nerds?

3. I have come to the conclusion that all school cafeterias smell the same. I am starting to grow suspicious that it is some secret bottled spray. The only hole in my theory is that if one was going to bottle a scent, surely it would not smell like a combination of cookies, sour milk, frozen square pizza, and bleach.

4. I will always bask in the glow of the ease of back to school shopping for boys. We went shoe shopping for Lincoln. We had two pairs of sneakers in less than 5 minutes. No whining, endless looking, or griping. Take that every person who has told me I am missing out by not having girls!

5. Soccer at the Y is an organizational nightmare. I cannot believe I agreed to this... and am paying for it to boot.

6. It is Friday now, and I am just coming back to finish this list. Busy... no. I WAS a cleaning hurricane yesterday. Cheerios on the carpet cower when they me coming now.

7. Did you know the phrase "Children should be seen and not heard" was actually coined by the inventor of duct tape?

8. I totally made up #7.

9. I paid a gross amount of money for my tankini this year. Why? It was tie dye.

10. I got hoodwinked into buying little one ounce, yes ONE OUNCE bags of "natural, organic and good for you bunny snacks." They are teddy grahams shaped like rabbits. I paid for rabbit grahams. Fattening little rabbit grahams too. Why did I think rabbits meant healthy... because rabbits eat carrots, that's why. Somewhere an advertising executive is laughing.

And... here are some photos from the first day. The End.


  1. going old school and leaving a blog comment...

    those boys are handsome. they're not nerds because you bought them a cool shirt. not a white short sleeve button down with matching pocket protectors. THAT would be nerdy.

    anna is going to back-to-school shop the same way. you'll see. and if she doesn't, i'm sending her to you.

    i forgot the other stuff by now.


  2. the pics are so cute! Alden looks like a little surfer with his long hair :)
    had to laugh at mom bought those for my kids once. They were good, I suppose, but I really don't see how they're any better than the others, ya know?

  3. Not even joking: I BOUGHT the rabbits, too. They were on sale at Target. Only, I bought a whole box, not a 1 ouncer.

    I love those pictures. I love that you bought Alden the same shirt as the big boys. :)

    I am with you on the cafeteria smell, too. Ew.

    I didn't cry either. Not even when they lost my kid. I almost skipped home on the first day, in fact. Does that make me a horrible mother??

    Amen to the shoe shopping with boys. We even got to take advantage of a B1G1 1/2 off sale! Boys apparently don't care if their shoes are similar! Score.

    I haven't signed anybody up for fall stuff yet. Simon wants guitar lessons and Felix wants swimming lessons. Both can be obtained in any season and I'm just not wanting to commit to any extracuriculars that involve other peoples kids. :/

    Point #7, I totally fell for it. Hilarious!

  4. ohmyword are those boys adorable?!?!
    love it! and when did alden start looking like such a little dude?

    so looking foward to the start of school around here i can guarantee you there will be no tears :)

    also i have to say my worst shopper is by and far picky and particular - i'm sure lauren will get there too but i hope by that point he becomes a little more easy going!

  5. Love this post - and the pictures. Very fun stuff :)

  6. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I have taught and worked in public schools for 21 years now, and in that time I have NEVER eaten a school lunch. It is the smell. Boys look fabulous! Happy first day back!
    Egg Salad

  7. Love this post! And I must say, I am SHOCKED to see how much the boys have grown. My goodness, they get handomer...(It is TOO a word!)everytime I see pix of them.

    By the way, did Lincoln get his letter yet?

  8. I am in love with the hair on your little one!!!

  9. love those pics!! it was so nice to meet you at TCC! thanks for the tips. i backcombed my hair yesterday to give it a little volume and it worked great. so you rock!! xxoo