Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Yeah, you have to title it that when you can't pick the correct "W" word for alliteration. Wacky? Too first grade dress up day. Wonderful? That ended when my hand went in the commode by 8am. Whiney? Been there, done that. Worn out? Maybe that would work... yes... Welcome to...

Worn Out Wednesday
where moms go to admit, we have run out of steam.

Why am I worn out? Well, why bother with that, let's get to the real reason why you are still reading... my hand in the commode. Oh yes... tis true. At approximately 8am, I, SuperMom, heard the distressed call for help...
"Oh no! Mama!! Buzz!'

Now, I already knew that whilst sitting on the potty, looking so cute, and doing his business, Alden was also clutching a small Buzz Lightyear. I had already walked by, noticed this extra chum on the pot, and said, "Now Alden, be very careful. Do NOT let Buzz fall in the potty." I am sure this choice of mine would now be filed under the former post of "things I wish I had not done as a parent." I do not know what overtook me, making this kind of rookie error in the commode realm, but I did.

A few brief minutes passed before the aforementioned call for help went out. I knew. I knew the minute he sent out the SOS... Buzz went where no toy should ever go.

I donned my cape, prepared to become the superhero needed to tackle this mission. I am not quite sure what the insignia on such a cape would be, but I entered the bathroom... and had my suspicions confirmed.

Buzz was now laying in the depths of the commode, surrounded by Alden's former food. I promise you this, if we lived in a newer house, with a better septic system, I think I would have just flushed and informed Alden, "Buzz has gone to live with the fish in the ocean, like Nemo!" But alas, here in the casa de fingerprint, we are living on borrowed plumbing replacement time.

Instead, I once again, left my dignity and cute new plaid wedge sandals at the door, and reached my hand in to rescue Alden's most favoritest toy from his smelly grave.

There are methods to consider in such a search and rescue operation. Did you know that? I mean, you cannot just go plunging your hand in there. You need to access things like, firmness levels, break apart potential, and of course, how to get the Buzz out without any contact with the, eh... former food. I will brag a little here and say, I did it. The operation was quick and smooth, and Buzz was not marred in anyway. After he and my hands took a nice long bath in bleach, we are both back to normal. Well, or what passes for normal around here.

Please note that the rule about no toys on the potty, that is back in place, and shant be broken again...


  1. to infinity and BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!
    (couldn't resist)

  2. so glad he made it ... and you too!

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Um..... ew?
    Egg Salad

  4. Anonymous9:16 PM

    We miss you guys! This is what Mothers do. Love your sister Sue.

  5. Gu-ross. I get it, though, I totally get it. You're a better woman than me. I would've made Micah go after it. :)