Thursday, December 03, 2009

Oh, Cindy-Lou Who, where are you???

I have noticed something whilst out and about the last couple of weeks. Here it is...
We have far too few Cindy-Lou Whos out there shopping, and WAY too many Grinches. It starts in early October when retailers skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving and jump right to Christmas. Since I love fall, I mean I LOVE FALL, and Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday, this irks me a bit. I have launched my own personal anti-earlyization of Christmas movement. Make no mistake, and do not e-mail a harsh rebuke... I am not against Christmas, oh quite the opposite... I am opposed to the ANTI-EARLYIZATION (new wordage) of the shopping part of it. I do not walk down the Michael's aisle that is so crammed full of fake wreaths and pine cones, you wonder... do people even know these actually grow... outside... in nature?

I don't dare walk down the trappings of Target's Complete Home Christmas Overhaul Department. OK, that is not what Target calls it, but you (ok.. I) am easily duped into their retailing traps... "Oh, yes, I DO need a Christmas themed ottoman!" or "However have we celebrated the holidays all these years without our very own Christmas coffeemaker with matching carafe?" One minute I am lecturing my kids about how we are thankful for the very food we are eating, and the next minute I am trying to convince myself that a snowman toilet paper holder IS a good way to spend $10. Oh, the retail shame of it all...
So, I dare not go down these aisles until late November or so... By then I have put up our tree, decorated our house, and feel plenty happy with the level of red and green present in our home. I warn you... if you too suffer from targetoverdecoratitis, steer clear of that place until January.

So, now that I am able to focus on picking up things like laundry detergent, diapers, and clorox wipes, I notice things...
People are grumpy when they shop.
Here they are, with a cart full of gifts, and the scowl on their face lets you know they have thoroughly enjoyed purchasing them. The Grinchies, the get mad when an item is out of stock. They get mad when they wait in line. They get mad about spending the money, mad about wrapping the gifts. Grinchies grump about teacher gifts, over excited children, and crowded parking lots. To the Grinchies I say... STAY HOME!
*Stop glaring at my cute little Hadji who is blocking the aisle because he is talking to a stuffed dog that fell off the shelf.
*Stop fussing at the 40-something mom who is working the checkout. It is not her fault someone has coupons, and do you think this is where SHE wants to be on Friday night?
*Stop beeping your horn at older people who dare take an extra half second to make it through the cross walk.
Go Home. Use you mouse, and click to purchase. Then the only person who has to deal with your grumpy grinchie self is the UPS man. God Bless you UPS man, the grinchies don't like to sign for packages either.

Now... where are all the Cindy-Lou Whos??? They are the ones who smile, and seem to be happy about purchasing things for others. They realize waiting in a line, is... well... just waiting. In a line. It is not the end of the world.Cindy-Lou, she may actually, I don't know, chat with her kids while they shop, and let them know that yes, they can and should pick up that fallen item off the floor and put it back on the shelf. (grinchies just leave it, "let the employees do their job" they say.)
Cindy-Lou does not get mad over a parking spot, she is thankful she can actually walk from the remote lot. Cindy Lous smile and chat with checkout ladies, and their life does not hinge on finding the shortest line. She may even, gasp... let someone with fewer items in front of her!?!? She is a crazy one this Cindy Lou Who. She is actually HAPPY. Happy about Christmas, happy about shopping, happy to be with her kids, and seems to be enjoying life. She is a mad woman! So... who is this Cindy Lou chick...

well, it could be YOU, that's Who.

Onto Scraptivity. Welcome December Daily. I will try to keep up with you this year... here is Day One. Day two is laid out here on my scrap desk, but alas, I made an apple pie this afternoon, and shhh... took a nap, so day two is not ready yet.
And because I am a random-slackerish kind of gal, here are some Halloween layouts too... gotta give fall props ya' know!

PS All the goodies used came from Memorable Seasons!


  1. gorgeous girl! I find that people are even grouchier when they are overspending! don't take out on me because you didn't know how to stop shopping! lol :) xo

  2. oh how I couldn't agree more with this post! What I also have noticed is that people look at you funny when you're, you know, actually buying things like toilet paper and shampoo instead of having a cart full of toys that will end up under your couch in 30 days lost forever. The look they give you, like how could I possibly be buying ESSENTIALS??!

  3. I try to be a Cindy Lou Who.

    I try.


  4. I vow, right now, to be a Cindy Lou Who! I agree, stay home if Christmas shopping makes you that grumpy!

  5. I LOOVED this post. Made me LOL! I think you captured why I hate shopping-the grinches.

    This year it is different though-I am trying to stay out of stores because-let's face it--no one I personally know really "needs" anything :))

  6. ugh, why I either make gifts, buy early in the yr, or shop online! I AM TRYING to be gracious lately. I get all worked up with slow drivers and rush to make it through a corner before the slow people get in front of me--soooo, I've been praying that God will help me to be gracious when I am out--to slow down and allow others first, to not get so aggravated about silly lines, to smile. Man, it's really relaxing to do this! The couple in front of me at Atlanta Bread Co the other evening took like 10 min to figure out what all they wanted. I just stood in line, watched other people, smiled at the couple, and thought about all the yummies I was NOT going to buy that night. :) It was rather pleasant. Need to practice this all the time! (BTW--I worked in a mall for 4 yrs--it is an awful time of year to work! Smile extra big at the cashiers, add extra to the tips for waitresses, be pleasant--they get everyone's grumpies!)

  7. Let's all be Cindy Lou's!
    Blessings, andrea

  8. oh you got it so right. You are so right. There are no Cindy-Lou Who's out there, just grumpy people who need to have their middle finger chopped off. And I actually had someone look at me like I was crazy recently because I DID tell him to go before me. I could tell he was in a hurry and had a lot less than I did.

    Love the scrapiness.

  9. Damn I'm the one that goes online and just clicks purchase!!! LOL

  10. Oh Jude... I love you!

  11. oh my i think i am cindy loo - well on somedays - depends if the kids are in school or not :)

    ...but had to also comment that i went to joanns yesterday and they were already putting out the valentines items - crazy!

    also the layouts are great - really love the one you did for the first...need to get caught up on that book!