Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Resolutions...

Here they are... my 2010 Resolutions. I thought about renaming them in some wimpy like form such as:
2010 plans
things to do maybe, in 2010
or even possibilities 2010.

That way if I don't follow through, I won't feel so bad. I mean, resolve... that is some harsh language people. I totally think in our age of wishywashiness I could get a real following of people who get on the band wagon to end the "pressure" of calling them resolutions. It will be the new thing to be politically correct about... I can see the car magnets now.

So here are mine, in no particular order:
1) eat breakfast every day. Please note, breakfast will not be allowed to be a brown liquid in a mug. This one will be hard, I like my jack in a mug... Just kidding, of course I mean coffee.
2) I will paint my right thumbnail red to remind me not to talk so much. Of course, that is kind of an oddity, to have one red nail, so I will have to explain why, and that will lead to more chatting, and hmmm... I think I shall have to tweak this plan...
3) I will go on a plane and visit a friend somewhere at some time. There will be no one traveling near me that once held residence in my uterus.
4) I will win the following bet I have made with my Micah. If I lose 8 lbs in January I get to buy a speedlite for my camera. If you see me lifting a carbohydrate to my lips, slap it away and yell, "Think of the clear photos fatty!" Thank you for your help, and please, whisper the fatty part.
5) I will make a cake from scratch. This is due to the viewing of Julie and Julia, and will likely be a failure, but at least I can say duncan hines does not own me.
6 I will not change any diapers on Mondays. None, zero, zilch. Micah is not aware of this resolution and will probably not be a big supporter of it, but resolve I must, and I vow to stick to this one... it is a matter of principal you know...
7) No more weed beds. My front flower bed looks like I am blue ribbon winner in the crabgrass growing category at the county fair. No more! I will till, weed, and plant until a thing of beauty is thriving properly. (or I may just plant some grass and be done with it, but either way, the weeds will be gone. I like a good loop hole, don't you?)
8) I promise to read every issue of Us magazine that I am getting for the princely sum of $1 a year. Thank you , I will no longer need to go to bed at night worrying about what Nicole Richie is naming her children, or which moronic celebrity paid $1500 for a new handbag. My brain may not be able to handle such intellectual stimulation, but I will try it none the less.
9) The avoidance of ever eating a fish taco shall not waiver in 2010.
10) The walls of my stairway will be properly cleaned and the fingerprints removed... or maybe just painted over. This is akin to the weed issue in resolution #7.

So what are your 2010 Resolutions?


  1. LOL! those are good Jude! I like all the loopholes :) I, for one, will most likely join the Wishywashy party. I just can't commit to the pressure. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME. :D

  2. HaHa! Love them.. especially the US weekly one, because well, I got that same deal from Amazon. What to do with all that useless info!


    These were great! Now you must stick to them!

    and keep us updated on how number 6 goes :) Should have been #2 (bad joke) sorry!


  4. We watched Julie & Julia last night! I love it! I, too, am wanting to cook some Julia Child's recipes. Or have Sean do it. I also like the idea of you coming to see me. I assume that's what you meant by "a friend." :) The speedlight resolution is hilarious, too. It is totally worth it. I love that thing. Love your list! I have no resolutions. Well, other than just to survive 2010.


  5. I could introduce you to a cute little friend in Swaziland. I am short... so whilst on the plane... I would even share my leg room with you!

  6. haahaahaa. You are so funny. I do like a good loophole...and OMGosh that reminds me I need to find a loophole for all of mine...seriously...I've got some major agenda items this year.. sweat...I didn't call them resolutions...they are agenda items. If you worked where I worked, you would know that we have many useless meetings with a lot of agenda items that get ignored...heeheehee. I am just kidding. And fatty????? Seriously...that is not a word... Carbs are good too, as long as they entail a lot of should have been called carbio don't you that new wordage? Sooooo....8 lbs, one month...mmmmm...I'm thinking you are doing some serious starving in January girlfriend. Have a great year girl...and thanks for your encouragement.

  7. pssssstttttt...I believe you can do it btw.

  8. as always jude - you crack me up.
    such a great will have to keep us updated on how they all go :)
    hope you have a wonderful 2010!!

  9. Did you know that Beth once made a New Year's Resolution that she would not wash dishes for an entire year? Seriously, that would fly like a lead balloon 'round here :)

  10. You are awesome. Please come and visit me. We will be buddies, I know it. I love US Weekly. I call it U.S. Weekly, only because it makes me feel smarter.

  11. You crack me up. Love your list. Sending you successful vibes...

  12. The best Resolutions i have read...hands down. Duncan Hines doesn't own me. Neither does Betty. We can be Julie & Julia...i'll be the short one!

  13. box cakes don't taste as good as the real thing least that's my opinion and you know my opinion aint worth squat!!! LOL