Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How does your Garden grow?

Well, here we are...
Day Seven in Jude's Exciting Week... the dirt edition.

(green pepper plantdelicousicus)
I planted my garden. I got it in late (may 19th to be exact). I am normally a Mother's Day Weekend kind of planter, but not this year. So, my veggies are still a tad small, but they are coming along. I had to start the garden back about five feet from its normal spot due to the intense amount of grass that had overgrown it when I was not planting anything... the knockedupedness of 2007 and the sheer laziness of 2008 meant it had been a while since the garden was tilled. Well, I only own a little tiller, the kind made for girls. Yeah, I said it, and if you are some tractor riding female, all the power to ya'... Me? I own a chick tiller.

I had a job ahead of me too... a certain family member, who shall remain nameless, he thought that throwing grass clippings on my garden area was good compost. Um, no... grass reseeds itself. I am not saying there wouldn't have been any grass to till after my two year hiatus, but it would not have been as bad... bad as in, I broke my pitchfork trying to pry a clump out. Seriously, I think next time I need a repair of some sort, I am reaching for the grass seed, not the super glue. Grass is much hardier than we give it credit for, and bonus... there is a variety called "crab grass"... how totally appropriate for moi!
So, anyhoo, after much sweat and fatigue, the garden is tilled up and planted.

Here it is...

I feel all Green Acres-y just looking at it. We have tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, green peppers, red peppers, and pickling cukes, Not that I am pickling any cucumbers. Ha! I planted pickling ones at the request of my friend Heather. When I told her we were planting cukes she asked if I did the little kind. "I can" I say. "You will???" she asks, as if I had just given her a gift. I sure like that girl, so little cukes she is a gettin' !
At the top is the five feet of jude-er, I mean, crab-grass, that will be covered with weed cloth and planted with watermelon this week.

Here are some more shots...

A little tomato bud... hello friend, soon I will make you into bruschetta.

Yellow squash, its death sentence will be a shish-ke-bob.

I am also happy to report that there were no children poisoned by small amphibians during the tilling of this garden. They were joyfully playing with a big silver washtub full of water, some cups and leaves. Yeah, they kept bringing over more and more of these leaves to put in the water and - wait... what does poison ivy look like again...???

crap, I am such a bad mother...

but i am a bad mother who will have fresh veggies...


  1. I so wish I had more room for a garden! I'm not very good at it, but it is so rewarding to go pick something you grew and eat it. I do have basil, chives, parsley and a tomato plant all growing on my patio :) I see tomato/basil pizza in my future.
    Oh, and the fact that you can operate a tiller--girly as it may be, makes you pretty cool in my book. I can barely mow the lawn :)

  2. Can I hire you???? I HATE NATURE!!!!! Dude...I grimace and itch and freak over anything that freakin' moves!!!! I wish I could put some gloves on and be the little ol' Martha Stewart gardener that I know I have it in me to be. I love the LOOK of flowers, trees and bushes and vegetation. But My body reacts in all sort of funky and opposing ways that I can't stay in the 'wilderness' for more than 5 mins lol!!!!

    Ok...what did I just type????

    Love you just don't turn Amish on us ok with cows and goats ok?,

  3. love it!!
    i'm going real simple this year with only a few containers on our deck - the last time we had a big garden the twins were only a year and it wasn't a great success :) oh well maybe i'll give it a go again when they can help weed!

  4. Yay for you. You are such a domestic diva. Can't wait to see your garden in person.


  5. YAY! I am so excited for pickling cukes. Real, fresh, organic(?) ones, grown with love. Thanks Jude. You rule!

  6. the garden looks awesome.
    happy eating.

  7. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Jellybean- Love the garden tales Mrs. McGregor. Leave the small bunnies alone... I hear there is a poisonous variety in your neck of the woods and given the track record of my nephews...
    Love you- Egg Salad

  8. i can't wait to see yor veggies. looks like we will have veggies coming in about the same time! :)