Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Fat Dog!

One year ago today I was having nice regular contractions...
I was about to welcome our third little bundle into the world...
He has been THE BEST baby I could ever ask for and today we are celebrating him in all his one year glory. :)
(and you can read the full story of Alden's arrival HERE and HERE.)
At age one:
Alden likes to climb on the table, just to sit and see what is there.
Alden likes to eat dirt.
Alden wants to shove his fingers in the VCR.
Alden signs milk, and more please.
Alden hates carrots.
Alden loves oatmeal.
Alden loves to wrestle with daddy and his brothers.
Alden can say Mama, Dada, and night-night... but rarely does so!
Alden loves to climb up the stairs.
Alden rarely gets whiney.
Alden is almost ready to walk, almost.
Alden... we love you...
Happy Birthday Fat Dog....
Some photos from his first day, one year ago:

One last belly shot, though sadly, I think I could STILL re-enact it.

All set up and ready to go!

He is here... and I am in love!
Yes, that scale says 10lbs 6½oz. And don't leave off the ½, I want full credit! ;0

The proud Daddy. We are a great team, and I could never do this without him.

The cutie pie...

And yesterday afternoon... eating dirt, but still cute...
ALDEN JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. :) I just can't even believe it.

    The boys are all, "Mommy, why are you crying?" And I respond, "Because Alden is ONE!" Like that explains why their crazy mother is crying.

    He is such a sweet little guy and at least 95% responsible for me wanting to have a 3rd.

    Happy Birthday, Alden!


  2. Hooray for Alden!
    Happy birthday dude!

    and are an awesome mama. don't ever forget that.
    and there is no way you could re-enact that photo. you look awesome.

    Have fun celebrating today.

  3. happy birthday alden you cute little boy!!!!

    and for the record jude there is NO WAY you could re-enact that belly shot now!!!!
    :) have a great day celebrating him!

  4. happy birthday alden !!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Alden! He's getting so big! It's so amazing how time flies (and how short a time they are babies! ) Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  6. Time is just flying by!! He is so adorable, and he always has been... Happy birthday Alden-- smash the cake in--you can today. You've got an amazing mommy!!! (I still can't get over how gorgeous you looked after having him--some things aren't fair Jude!) ;D

  7. Happy Birthday!
    What a cutie you have on your hands, dirt in the mouth and all :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. WOW...has it been a year already? My goodness!

    That Alden is SUCH a cutie pie. And I don't think I've ever seen your husband before. Emerson looks just like his daddy!

    Hope you guys had a fun birthday for Mr. Alden.

    Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

  9. Can't believe it either. It was one year ago you were putting most women to shame with your she-woman birthing skills and winning the Most Beautiful Woman After Just Having Given Birth Award.

  10. Hee hee... what a cutie eatin' that dirt! Get down with your bad self dude - happy birthday!

  11. It CANNOT be a year already!!! No Way!!! Happy Birthday Alden!!! I have video of my little one signing milk and's so cute!!!

    i CANNOT beleive he is one already!!

    you going to have anymore? {ducking in case the answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOOO}

  13. I can't believe Alden is ONE!!! he is so so cute!!!

  14. LOL...I am so loving that dirt eating picture. He is just so precious and cute. Love the pics, the list is great. I had to laugh little dog Abbie, her fav thing to do is to climb up on the table (always when my back is turned) and survey the area for what is going on. How she get's up there is another story. One that calls for pictures...the rascal.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! What a sute little guy and look at that belly ^------^ Love that belly!!!!

    Tell the whole family I said hi! And thank your lucky stars for a non-whiner!

    Chat soon lovely,

  16. scrapbooking in the mall of america???? I am so jelaous waaaaaa!
    Happy birthday little cutie pie! And I am sorry to say, you can't reenact the tummy thing...I have a jiggle that would make the jell-o people jealous! You are in good company. Watch the biggest loser, it is so motivating to lose 20 pounds when you see severly obese people lose 150! yOU KNOW WE LOVE YOUR SOUTHREN BEAUTY AS IS! mwah


    HE is so adorable, dirt and all. Look at those blonde curls.

    I can't believe he is one already. WOW. Did a year go by that fast?

  18. Okay...I can't get passed the 10lbs 6 and half oz. baby part..! My little bundles of joy were just in the 7lb. range.And I thought I was gonna die! Your a real woman!!

    Happy B" day owe your mom! He he!

  19. Okay...cuz Tannis told me to...well I've been stalkin' your blog (and I do what the mommy tells me to) and finding you hilariously your blog and you tell it how it is...Happy big 1 to your little Aiden.