Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And a glorious time was had by all...

So, I have become THE slackingest blogger I know. (Ah, but I gave you new wordage right off the bat - slackingest)
I do have some good reasons...
the sun - it was out,which meant my kids were wanting to be outside. Since I don't have a laptop, and I realized the hard way PCs don't like extension cords, I was outside alot.
the rain - it rained alot thanks to hannah, gustav, and other strangely named hurricanes. I say we name them all more unkindly... like Jezebel, Lucifer, etc... then we could say things like, "That stinking Jezebel! Tore my roof off!" When you use the sweeter names, it just loses something, "That stinking Hannah, she flooded our basement!" See, Hannah just cannot sound as cruel coming out as Jezebel. Apologies to all Jezebels reading this.

And finally... I was out of town...
I was with these three...

Having a blast at Scrapfest at the Mall of America.

Don't let anyone fool you either, Minneapolis is a very cool city with a great downtown area. Of course, Micah did say that you could only enjoy its coolness three months out of the year before it was buried in snow...

Really, here are some things I learned...
Chrissy and I are great travel partners. We got to ride the Chicago to MN plane together and had much fun,despite the fact that I almost puked on her. Note, if you have a friend you can survive air travel with, hold onto them...
Beth is the most thoughtful and amazing hostess ever. I will seriously never forget how truly kind she is and how special she made us feel. And hello, she even bought me candy corn.
Nicole and I share a mutual hatred of wet toilet seats. LOL. Plus, she gave each of us the Ali book... now I ask you, is there even a word for friends like this?

So, we had a grand time, and will always remember fun things like...
Cherry picking - move left, now right, now left a bit...
I am a narcoleptic, this is my helper, she has to come to class with me.
Who does Beth know now?
Bacon Bits, good for the belly, not for the sink...
Did I fall asleep again?

And finally, here are some scrapations (scrap + creations = scrapations.)
All the goodies used to made these came from the lovely store Memorable Seasons.
The site is having an on-line crop 9/27... come, scrap, win free stuff. Ok, ad over... ;)

Until next time, when I will share the harrowing tales of the airport...


  1. I am so glad you all had a glorious time! That's awesome! And I'm loving your layouts! Hope you have a great day my blogger friend! Love ya! Kim

    PS. Although we have had no Jezabel storms come our way in the praries I get you about not being a good blogger ... I'm running after one little boy and holding onto another most of my days!

  2. first of all....great photos :)

    it was so so so good to have you here. i mean it.

    cherry picking...that's awesome. going in the minibook for sure.
    bacon bits are definitely good for the belly....sorry about that. :(

    and tell micah...the snow isn't that bad. i think we have more than 3 months of good weather.

    you are always welcome to come and visit again. please know that.

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time!
    Love those layouts...thanks for sharing! And I get you on the storm names, I want to know who picks them each year. I like the idea of meaner sounding names...

  4. bacon bits...eww. Even that story can not steal my love of bacon. I don't think.

    Fabulous post, love the LO's, post more often.

    AND, since we survived a plane trip together, any chance you and the fam would like to join us on a cross country RV ride? LOL...Just kidding.


  5. I am jealous that you got to go to the Mall of America. Being the addicted shopper that I am, it is on my top 5 list to accomplish in my life! :)

  6. I'm glad you guys had such a good time! I love all the pictures :)
    I had no idea you liked candy corn. What kind of friend am I? Now I know! :D
    Oh and I like your idea for hurricane names. We don't have anything like that over here on the west coast except for once every 10 years or so we get "El Nino". Whatever that means. :|

  7. great recap of the weekend...
    sure was fun to have you here and for the four of us to hang out! can't wait until we meet again :)
    also the lo's look awesome!!

  8. so glad you had a great time. Love the new wordage..yes... you are so forgiven your bloggity laziness because of your new wordage. Love the pics...and los..

    Happy day girl.

  9. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Nice tat on Emers arm!You do live in the south now!

  10. so glad you had a great time!!! that is so awesome now, we need to get our roadtrip scheduled! ;)