Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why did no one warn me?

So, people who have had a crappy week, and are almost to a point of needing medicine, booze, or vast amounts of junk food to perk up, should be warned that watching the movie PS I Love You, on a Saturday afternoon, alone, whilst the fat dog sleeps, and the other men folk are gone is not, I repeat NOT a good idea.
Seriously. I am 50 minutes into this sobfest of a film and am only taking a break to get more tissues... at least my sinuses will be cleared out.
If there are other movies like this, I would greatly appreciate a heads up...

I have had a bad bad bad week, and maybe this movie is a good reminder that I could be all alone. My neighbor told me this week, without knowing the intense foulness of my days,
"The only thing we deserve is Hell, anything above that is a gift..."
Talk about a slap upside my whiny head...
OK, back to the flick... I will let you know how I liked it soon.

Okay, so the fat dog woke up, in the midst of the cry fest cinema afternoon... I brought him down and he looked at me like I had three heads for all the nose blowing. The movie ended, I liked the ending, but still, a very sad little flick. It is one of those that makes you appreciate your husband and family alot more. I admit it, I felt really guilty because I was ready for them to go today... I have have been slobbered on, sneezed on, called stinky, and snotted on a total of 1,286,542 times in the last 24 hours, so when they were leaving and Lincoln kissed me so hard he hurt my cheek, Emerson stepped on my foot, then gave me a boogery kiss, I looked at Micah and was like, "Go, please. I need to be alone." And now I feel all guilty for that because hello? I may have a brain tumor like Jerry and what if I don't have time to write all those letters and arrange a trip for Micah to the place we met and would I be a good shoe designer? ... see the power of film...

Oops, forgot to post this Saturday, but here it is, and maybe the delay is because thanks to a good Sunday, God's almost literally whispering in my ear, "Suck it up!" and a patient husband, and I am feeling more like myself. (Even if that means I need to change things about myself... always SUCH a fun process.)
In closing, I have only two LOs and some cute pics of the FatDog and the boys to share... apparently wanting to crawl in a dark hole or move far, far away last week did not spark my creative juices... imagine that.
Anyhoo... I will try and be back with a better post later this week...
(as always, click to enlarge)
Couldn't you just eat him up? He looks like an old fashioned baby with that onsie on!!

Our little comedian... always keeps us laughing with the one liners!
My big man on the first day of school. I actually did not cry, until I returned home. I was too shocked at the bus being over an hour late, I think. And I held it together when the bus did not return him until 5, yes 5pm. He did great, but has asked if he could go back to his old school :( That kills me!
Now here is a LO for Unpubbed. This one is a lift challenge we have going. You lift my LO, seen here, and you win the kit I put together, seen below. You have until next month to get it done too! Very simple, and yes, I did have to black out the personal info!
This one was for an Open Call, again over at Unpubbed.
Until next time...


  1. Oh Jude! I saw that movie:) It was totally designed to pull on the old heart strings. I saw it about a month ago, but, fortunately I was with a group of people. That keeps me from sobbing like a maniac. Very nice LO's. Maybe I can have you do one for my girls.


  2. Yes, that movie is horrible. I saw it on a plane and couldn't cry unashamedly in front of the other passengers.

    I was wondering where you've been, sorry you've had a stank week. Your neighbors words I hope the alone time did you some good.

    Alden has gotten SO big, just since we were there last. It's crazy how quickly they change at this age!

    Hope the bus has gotten on some kinda schedule for you, too!

    If nothing else, focus on the weekend break coming up in just EIGHT short days!!!!


  3. Oh me..that is too crack me up! I love a good sappy, thousands tissue movie! They seem to make me feel better when I have had a crappy week. Hope you have a better week!

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    holy crap! He is growing sooo big! He looks the same size as Vaughn! I had to look closer cuz I thought he was sitting on a potty then I felt guilty for a sec cuz we are still potty training!
    Love the Ps movie...I'm not a cryer though, not even one tissue! I know call CFS cuz I am a mother and there should of been a tear or two but who knows. Hope you enjoyed your mommy time

  5. Ok, I'm having a bit of a "NOWAY" moment. How could this possibly be the month your baby turns one?? Either I haven't been paying attention or you haven't posted a pic of him in a while. Wow.. he's still supposed to be a little baby!

  6. hey lady!
    one week and one day!
    can't wait to see you and give you a big hug!

  7. I haven't seen that movie so thanks for warning me! I'm sure I'd sob like crazy.
    Sorry about your cruddy week. That is no good. I can't believe that Lincoln didn't get home until 5! what the heck?! I'd SO be freaking out. Did the school call you at least? Dude, that is so not cool!
    Hope this week is're goin on a little trip soon, yeah? That should be something to look forward to!

  8. I saw that movie with some girlfriends....i don't sob/cry b/c I am dead inside, but i even shedded a small tear on that movie! yikes...i can't believe how big Lincoln is getting! maybe when i get back we can get together. I still need to see Lorena's new baby! it will be crawling by the time I get there!

  9. that movie is WONDERFUL!!!!!

  10. OH, I LOVE a good cry, especially when I'm alone. I MUST rent this. Your boys are just adorable. Can I have some of those curls?

  11. I read the book.I CRIED throughout the whole thing. Then, of course, had to watch the movie. Cried again.

    Good words from the neighbor for sure...

    Hope this is a better week!

  12. love your layout and PS I love you is a great movie, i cried too!!! I want her husband irl, lol you boys are the cutest you are going to knock the ladies away when they hit the teenage years! :)

  13. too funny....I just "Yelled" at jessi on IM for telling me to watch this movie. I balled my eyes out...every time a letter came, the tears came pouring down. I think I went through half a box of puffs. Love the curls on Fat Dog. You're boys are the cutest!

  14. funny. I can, for some strange reason, imagine you doing just that...I have not given in to the movie yet...I think I will wait for a bad week to come along and do just that. I can't believe how big he has gotten, actually all the boys. Great pics. Love the los.

  15. Anonymous1:51 PM

    LOL....okay...PS i love you is my TOP fave movie...right next to pride and prejuidice...those two. done!! I LOVE the's beautiful...i own it and have watched it about 3 or 4 makes me smile...cuz yeah it's sad...but it's so beautifully done all you see is the love throughout it. and like you said...makes you love what you have right now

    love the photo's...hope you have better week your LO!!!

  16. well guess what...i got that one thursday in my mailbox for netflicks and can i just say..that is what i watched saturday afternoon as well....definitly a snot fest at my house also....but it was sooooo good....
    now if you want another good movie...get the bucket list if you have not already seen it...that movie has inspired me to do a layout...

  17. Oh Jude, I haven't seen that movie, but thanks for the warning. I hope this week has been much better for you!
    And I just have to say, your little Fat Dog is absolutely adorable...that hairdo is just the cutest ever! i love it! your boys are just so handsome!

  18. so i will handcuff my husband to a kitchen chair and proceed to watch it on a sunday afternoon! And if my neighbor ever told me "The only thing we deserve is Hell, anything above that is a gift...", I think I'd slap myself! LOL

  19. Ryan picked up that movie for us last weekend. I told him I wanted fun and light-hearted and there's dead Jerry 5 minutes into it. I was saying the same thing. The movie description does not warn you at all. I hope your week is getting better. I too have been wallowing and am starting to come up for air and get myself straight. Good to know I was not alone in my funk.

  20. Awww, I'm sorry you had a crappy week. And even more sorry that I'm JUST now commenting about something that happened 2 weeks ago! What a slacker friend I am. But I have something that may cheer you up...stay tuned!

    I've never seen that sappy movie. And from what I'm hearing, I may not want to. I have enough going on in my own life that makes me cry :-), lol.

    Love ya!

  21. OMGosh! I'm so out of touch, Jude! Is that really the fat dog? Oh my gosh, he's grown so much and when did all that beautiful blonde hair get there? I guess I need to rent that movie so maybe I can fall in love with my hubby again. :o( I know, sad, huh?
    Love you,

  22. I need to come to terms with the fact that I have a lot of "bad" weeks. And the problem is me. But I'm in denial. And the movie may be just what I need :)
    He's kinda cute too, no?

  23. Oh - and how big is the BABE? Your boys look so sweet!

  24. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I stumbled in your blog from Rhonda's...

    I haven't seen the movie... tried to push it off my mind coz I need peace & quite when I cry my heart out. Going through this "I'm SO overwhelmed" phase also... Think I'll watch that movie now - it just might do the trick to get me out of "the phase". :-)