Monday, August 18, 2008

Txt Msging for Dummies

Um the title, I would be the dummy in it. So once you read this you will realize the depths to which my lack of techno-knownothingness goes...
Last week I sent my first text message.
Yep, I said it... FIRST. And I do know what year it is.
I never really understood the point of them, I mean, if I call your cell, and you don't answer, I leave a message, where I talk... that is less work than typing a text message.
But, then my Micah tells me we have like 200 TMs a month we never use...
Well, I am not going to let something I am already paying for go to waste!!
So, now I think of all the texts I can send...
to Beth: I am looking at thickers and thought of you.
to Vee: I think Michael Phelps IS in Baltimore!
to my pastor: Your boy Brett just signed his soul over to the devil, I mean, the JETS
to Sarah: Sale on skittles at Target
to Michelle: Vegas is great, I am killing at the craps table.
So... I start to think I can use these to my sarcastic advantage...
And I get out the ol' cell phone... and try to figure this one out.
Considering I still cannot figure out how to download cool ring tones, change my voice mail message, etc. I figured I would end up texting a stranger in Alaska and accidentally selling them one of my organs...
BUT I did it!
I found all the appropriate buttons for beginning said TM, select the contact, etc. etc...
Then we run into a problem...
I go to type "Hello" to Micah...
Every time I type "H" then "e" I get "Hi"...
Um, no, no I am typing "He"... I look down, I am clearly hitting the H and the e, so why is it going "Hi"???
I delete it like 8 times before I just say, forget it... "Hi" is okay. Well, then there was the whole which button makes a space issue, and since THAT was like finding Noah's Ark, I gave up and sent Micah a quote from the list... "Good Morning" ... how lame!
I was all thinking I would be able to use the little abbreviations I knew...
YTMO... oh, that last one is my own. It stands for "You Tick Me Off".
After all this, the 30 minute text lesson was over, Micah got the lame-o text, and then he comes in from his office, and I ask about my apparently broken keypad. He laughs at me, and says, it is "t-9" typing.
Huh? Um, in English please! (man, his next text was totally going to be YTMO!)
He then tells me what I am guessing all of creation, save me, my grandmother, and children from a remote village in Siberia apparently all know...
You type the first few letters and it offers you word choices.
What? That makes no sense.
That is like me walking into a restaurant and having this happen...
Me: "I'll have the gri-
Waiter: No! Let me guess, the grilled fish!"
Me: " Um, no the gri-"
Waiter: " The grilled chicken sandwich!"
Me: "no, if you will just let me finish, I want the gri-"
Waiter: "I know! The grilled chicken pasta"
See, see how in real life this guessing game is annoying, well I find it annoying in the cell world as well. Needless to say, if you get a text from me I want to warn you...
"fndjnfjdnjifherink" could mean, "I liked your shoes today" or "My hair is on fire, call 911"
"hidnwrtios" could be, " I am stuck in traffic" or "I just ate a bug"
So, yeah, me and text messaging, we got alot of bugs to work out... but I will prevail, I must use them, or what a waste!! Plus, what a time saver...
spending 30 minutes to send Micah a text that says "Dinner is ready" in his office 20 feet away...
I love technology.
Onto the scrapnewness...
I have some LOs here that I made for my pal Dawn!! She and I swapped photos and made each other LOS. I was a little nervous, I mean her daughter Jayla, is so adorable, but you know I am used to scrapping about things like the loudest burp at the dinner table! But, Dawn liked them, so here they are. The ones she made me are AMAZING and she has them posted on her blog.

Next up are a few for Memorable Seasons:

I would like to the note the bright colors and non use of blue and green Ronda and Jessi!
And one for Unpubbed:

The end... I will try not to take so long between posts, but I may be busy, ya' know... texting...


  1. I don't particularly like that it "autowords" either. I still haven't figured out what to do when you don't want to choice it gives you.

    Lovely pages for Dawn!!

  2. :) Love the pages, of course, and your texty sarcasm. I once thought like you...and now I text all the time! It's still aggravating and time consuming, but I do it anyways. Because, like you, I have already paid for them!


  3. i just got a black berry way easier to text on them it was tannis's fault i started but i only learned not to long myself lol great pages!!

  4. I love text messages...i send way to many each day. BUT, I have a phone that has a full keypad so it makes life easier for sure :)

    But, I do like all of your abbreviations, esp. the one about being ticked off :)

  5. thickers make you think of me?


    just a few more days and you'll be here!

  6. I don't text all that often either. In fact I never did until people started texting me and then of course I had to txt them back. I hate those prefilling words. I think there's a way to turn in off, but I don't know how.
    Love the pages for Dawn!

  7. Jude, hthohoghopots...which means, "welcome to the world of text messaging", LOL.

    So, did you figure out how to change from the T9 texting? Talk about a pain, huh? I enjoy texting. My hubby doesn't always listen to his texting is (sometimes) the way to go with him. With others, it's just fun...especially when I don't particularly want to here ones voice. OR when in a place that actually talking just won't do.

    Now, about these LO's. Me and Jayla LOVE them!! They are hung up,right on my "PTBI" Prepare to be inspired)wall. Thanks again for doing the swap with me. I look forward to doing it again some day.

    Kthoenoahobog..."until we chat again" LOL :-D.

  8. turn the quick text off so it doesn't suggest for you...but i am the same way....i hate sucks! just call me if you want to talk...people text me and i call them back and answer...i don't have time for that... LOL but i am in tears over this post

  9. You know what I say to your text? Roll on baby!:) Sorry you had a texting faux pas:(


  10. rotflmbo. I text about the same way as hilarious..>I thought I was the ONLY one in th world who got pissed off at the fact that I actually spend 30 mins trying to type something that would take me less than 30 seconds to say....hehehehe...Love all the scrappyness, even if it isn't blue and green.

  11. this is why you rock at the scrappy-ness of life and I rock at the techno things of life! I am envious of your scrappy-ness (and not just on paper either!). I had to get a phone with the full text keyboard on it b/c Jeff and I exchange at least 20 text messages a day and if not more if we are on vacation or at Costco together...I know - doesn't make sense!

    miss you!

  12. It took me forever to learn to use the autowords...I still prefer calling someone. I did note the use of bright colors and I am very proud of you! They look great!

  13. i totally want to text you now!! HA. I love all the layouts!! For Dawn and the Memorable Seasons. You look good in bright American Crafts papers. :P

  14. Anonymous9:05 PM

    LMBO!! I hate that automatic typ-a-ma-jig. It never gets my words right either.

    Great pages for Dawn!

  15. This is where I come when I need a good laugh. You crack me up. I do not do text messages. I am also a believer in talking and leaving messages but I LOVE email. Go figure.

  16. You're too funny! Yeah, I'm a texting fan. B/c I have to talk on the phone at work, I'm very anti-talking on the phone afterwards!

    Did you ever see that cell phone commercial with the grandma that says, "IDK... my BFF Rose?" Classic. Your post reminded me of it. :)

  17. Girl you are so hilarious it's not funny lol!

    Girl just check out my blog ok? I gave in ang gave you that award anyway. I just couldn't help myself Ha HAAAAAAAAA.....


  18. LOL! I don't know how to text either ... and probally never will! LOVING you art Jude - have a great day!

  19. Jude, you are so hilarious! I'm right there with you on the whole texting issue! Thankfully, I realized that you can turn that guessing game off on my phone.

  20. you are cracking me up! the auto words had me confused too when I first started but it makes txt so much quicker! I can't wait to get a message from you! :) can you tell me when MP is coming home so I can hit him up, lol! :)
    your lo are the bomb and I love that you used the bright colors! :)