Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Non-Scrappers beware...

This post, though fraught with sarcasm, will be totally scrap related, so all of you non-scrappers, you have been warned...
This is my official CHA Product reviewage:
(CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association, they have two shows a year where scrapbooking and crafting companies reveal all their new money sucking goodies. My pals, Karla and Vee are attending this year, though they hardly fit the mold of brown-nosing scrap celeb wannabes that are reported to attend this show... hopefully they will shake things up a bit eh? )

So, Jill the owner of Memorable Seasons has posted some of the "Sneak Peeks" of the new products. Now, whilst I am glad I get to see them, I wonder, are people who pay all that money to go a little miffed that everyone else gets to see the stuff too, and before the actual show???

Well, here are some reviews of the products... I have made the links to hit the Memorable Season sneak peeks so you can see the products I am talking about.

And I will even start with a good reviewage first...

America Crafts Thickers: I love these. I could offer up several good words about them, except that I am now in comatose like state after viewing them. I think I am beginning to understand men and their fascination with say, the bass pro shop, or ESPN... its like I can't look away, ah, but look away I must or the reviewage will be over before it starts...

Queen and Company: Hello? More felt??? I mean, I love the felt accents they already have but come on, how many more can you need or want? What is next? Felt borders in the shape of toilet paper rolls for those funny bathroom layouts... wait, I could actually use that one. Well, the point is, enough us enough already...

Little Yellow Bicycle: I love their new papers, but the layered rub ons??? I mean, mine do that on their own when i accidentally lay them on top of each other, but that usually involves some scrapfoulmouthedness... you know, that is when you mess up a layout and realize if I yell "Aw CRAP" at this cute LO of my baby, I think it loses something in the sweet memory department.

Piggy Tales: Ok, I admit it.. I have a hard time liking anything in their line, because their company is named after a farm animal's rump. I am going to start a company called Cow Butts and see how I sell... think about it...

Pink Paislee: Though I like some of the color combos, I see that HUGE owl on the vintage moon line and can't help but think... wouldn't this give you nightmares? yikers, that is one big bird... on scrapbook paper... a bid huge bird...on a scrapbook LO... can you see where I am going with this??? I also admit their packaging of glitter in cute tubes, though, adorable it is, is like buying candy at the Amish markets. You know, you buy gumballs or sour patch kids for like $24 a pound because the Amish people have been smart enough to put them in big barrels and then scoop them out with their special amish hands into small brown paper bags, and we think they are magical candies of yesteryear... sorry, if you are Amish I am not trying to offend you, but since you cannot say anything without getting busted for using a computer, I think I am pretty safe...

Heidi Swapp: All I can say about these papers is HUH??? Just make your dang letters stick and we will be happy, really... really. (and I do love me some HS chipboard... truly.)

Rusty Pickle: Again, a company name I just cannot understand... how about the Moldy Peach, or the Rotting Watermelon... sorry to say, but I think the rust has set into the creativity behind these new products...

Creative Imaginations: "Hello, Creative Imaginations? Its 1992, they are calling and they want their stickers back...

and we will end with the gypsies... (7 gypsies that is) You know I Love them... I think it is because my mom used to tell me the gypsies left me on her doorstep. Their new products are great... cool papers, embellishments and more new 97% stickers. You had to know I would love a product line that has sarcastic stickers...

So, there they are, a few product reviews from the scrapworld... as you can tell it has been a slow news day round these parts...

ETA: Well, this was supposed to post last week, before the CHA, when it would have more "sneakpeekish" but alas, it was not... but, here are some LOs that I have to share due to my slackerednesss... I cannot claim that as a new wordage, I think I have used it before, and if I haven't I should have... slackeredness claims me quite often...
(click to enlarge)

Yeah, this is another one for Alden's baby book... still playing catch up...


  1. rofl - you are spot on, review girl. now i definitely want you to guest review :)
    sometimes i get the feeling that scrap suppliers think we are all stupid.

  2. LOL!! I have to agree, there is not much to look forward to this year. Almost everything was like "huh?" The only thing I'm really looking forward to is October Afternoon, the new Thickers, and a few other things. Nothing really exciting. Oh and all the holiday stuff..eewww! blah! enough already. Oh and I'm so over the Queen and Co. felt--and the brads.
    I always enjoy your reviews...your usually spot on with the trends!

    and thank you again for contributing to my collection. :)

  4. love ci papers but your right about the stickers lol and rusty pickle is a line i dont even look at lol!!

  5. I agree with everything you just said. I'm glad HS came out with some new CB letters, hoping they stick this time, too!


  6. Love all things Thicker. Now they need to work on the "stickage" too though!! And rofl and the creative imaginations stickers. I hadn't seen that preview.

  7. snicker...hehehehe...some of those products are like, well, hmmm, I don't have words for them. Love the 7 gypsies though.

  8. Thanks for the review! You had me in stitches :)

    The only thing I'd like more of are those Thickers. They are the best :)

    Love your layouts...especially the one about not knowing when you took the picture...that is classic :)

  9. i love your layouts, american crafts,sassafrass, crate paper, cosmo cricket, hambly and yes rusty pickly were one of favs. I love the scalloped papers at rusty pickle! :)

  10. ha ha ha ha ha! I normally love the creative imaginations but I gotta agree with you, not looking forward to that hitting the shelves. I am the 7 gypsies whore! LOOOOOOOVE it!I need to do some scrapbooking!

  11. too bad the gnomes and mushrooms preview from pink persimmons wasn't released. I would love your take on that!!
    Do scrapers really need new product releases twice a year?

  12. i am pretty much done with all over it myself....i mean seriously...u've seen one u've seen it compnay makes and owl....all company's will follow suit....

    but AC and their is safe to say i am a thicker whore :)

  13. good reviews jude!!
    I'm with you on most of them....
    and yes I do have a slight addiction to thickers as well - never thought alpha stickers would get me so excited - but I guess that's what happens...

  14. Well thank you Jude! I remember you doing a post like this last year and I loved it. Thanks for doing it again.

    Now, about this new stuff...HUH??? I must say, some of it looks like the companies are backsliding. But that's just me. Now, I love me some Heidi Swapp...but I'm confused...what was her "vision" with the new stuff?

    And the CI stuff...what's up with THAT??? ARGH!!!

    Thanks again for the commentary.

    Lastly, but definitely not least, I LOVE your LO's. I'm getting a little nervous looking at your "style". I sure hope the package you will be receiving soon is up to par :-).

    Love ya!

  15. cute cute layouts. Love THICKERS. I want them all!

  16. Anonymous8:53 AM


    too funny and soooooooooooo agree!!! i will take a review by jude any day!!!

    hope you are having a fabulous start to your week!!