Sunday, February 05, 2012

Valentine's Day Countdown...

So we take Valentine's Day very seriously around here. This year I saw these adorable pottery barn envelopes you can velcro onto a chair.
I wanted them to do a "Countdown to Valentine's Day", but the price tag for scoring four for my guys was too steep.
So I got busy making my own. There are lots of tutorials on the www for these. I just winged it with a quick sketch and some felt.
Here they are: I sewed them with a zigzag stitch as my amazing quilt making friend Sarah had told me the zigzag was the most forgiving of stitches. If that's true, I am pretty sure the zigzag is holding a grudge against me.
But I got them all done and then hand stitched the hearts and used twine to attach them to the chairs. Let me tell you, my boys are LOVING this! I put a treat in their envelope each night, and they are so happy when they discover them each morning. In another post I'll share what I've been putting in them.
So glad that someone smarter than me thought of this great idea!!!  (but don't tell my kids that, they think I am brilliant. Bwahahahaha )

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  1. to be clear, i was referring to applique when stating that the zig zag was the most forgiving.

    when you use red thread on white fabric, there's no fool proof way to hide mistakes. :)