Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The envelope please...

Did you get that subtle title-pun? No? Well, if you had grown up with a frenzied love of Michael Jackson, followed by an intense obsession with Prince, you would have watched every AMA and Grammy show you could, to get a glimpse of your crush and you would totally get that awards show envelope reference. Since it has now taken me an entire paragraph to explain that, I'll just move on. (*whispers... but I still love When Doves Cry...)

You know those crooked groovy hand-made envelopes I made the boys, I thought you might like to see what they have been finding in them each morning. Ok, I want to write it down or I'll forget by next month. So, in order of appearance, some with the SLR, and some with the phone camera, here we go...

Day one:  Message Heart Candy. (Gag, they were already hard. Can't we get some chewy sweet-tart message hearts in the candy realm? Or, at least, there must be some chemical that would insure these stay softer, longer? Fabric softener maybe?)

Day two: M&Ms. I had to photo Alden's pretzel ones as the other boys took theirs in their lunch for school, and my Micah's mysteriously disappeared... hmmm.

Day three: Finger Laser Lights. The boys thought these were only available at the local camp they attend, so when I found them I knew it would win me some big mom points :) (Micah got a cigar, he is not really into the finger laser-lights... much...)

 Day four: Hershey's Kisses. It's one of those candies you HAVE to get at Valentine's Day, ya' know. Plus I got the Hugs kind, which seem to bother Alden's dairy allergy less.

Day five:  Scratch-Off Coupons. I made them. This was super easy, and my boys LOVED it. You can find the directions HEREI have more of these coming for the envelopes. I put them together with some journaling cards I got off the internets, which I have no clue where to link to. Sorry, just google it. 

Day six: Glow Sticks. I told the boys these were especially for the tub. Em was home from school with his wheezy breathing, and let me tell you... Glow Sticks in the bathtub is the BEST IDEA EVER! They played for like an hour, and the giggles I heard made my heart happy. Did the floor get a little wet, yes. Was it worth it... totally. Such a great memory.

There you have the first six days of envelopes. This has been much fun for me and my wild boys, and I think it may be helping me overcome my status as the Worst Tooth Fairy Ever. ;)


  1. dude! scratch tickets???
    that is awesome!!! and i think could be a great encourage program with home ed!!!
    love the envelopes...maybe something for next year in this house :)

  2. You are the sweetest mama ever!!! Okay, I have failed in re to the tooth fairy too, actually we just fessed up to the whole matter after Joey's tooth sat under his pillow for a week. :( LOL