Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Envelopes Part Deux...

Here are the rest of envelope days for the wild boys, brought to you again via iPhone photos.

 Day Seven: Fun Dip.It is fun for your children, not you. You will be vacuuming fun dip sugar from your table for days. As a bonus, Alden made sure to get his in the little teeny tiny space between the table's planks. That was great... fun.

Day  eight: Silly String. Or, if you are like me and buy it on the cheap, it will be called "Goofy String". The boys were beyond thrilled. After school we let them go crazy with it in the yard. You may want to look ahead at the weather and plan this one for a day before rain. I did not, and our yard looked like a B-horror movie entitled "Attack of the Killer Rainbow Colored Worms!".

Day Nine: Classic Books. Alden had already taken off to read his, which was a "classic" known as Batman. I think Lincoln already started reading Oliver Twist, and I am pretty excited about teaching him my solo part from the fifth grade chorus rendition of "Food Glorious Food."

Day Ten: Pop-it Surprise Bags. I admit it, I thought there was a toy inside. It shakes and rattles, which apparently is the chemicals that make the balloon pop out when one smashes the bag with one's fist. The smashing was far more thrilling for the wild boys than the balloons with "lovey dovey" sayings.

Day Eleven: Skittles. My Micah was not as thrilled about this being another non-chocolate treat, but the boys loved them.

Day Twelve: Pop Rocks. Again, the el-cheapo version has a groovy rename... "crack - ups". Whatever. How can you NOT love candy that pops in your mouth?  We at the casa sure do.

Day Thirteen: More scratch-offs. This time it was good for a trip to get ice cream. Well, except the dairy allergy laden Alden. He gets cookies instead. Have you made the scratch offs yet mamas? Seriously, kids love them. I plan on designing a few more to use as incentives round here. Incentive is another word for bribe, and I am fine with that.

All this envelope madness led up to our annual Sweethearts Dinner. We do it up right here at the casa, go big or go home and all that. That post is coming soon...maybe.

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