Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Year in Review - Other People

From time to time I take photos. You may realize this. Sometimes I take them of other people. Here are some of my favorite shots of other people that I took this year.

(circa: February)
This is Miles. I actually helped my dear friend Kerry through labor and delivery. Hands down, amazing. I was crying. And, maybe trying to convince Kerry's husband that they should name the baby Jude. :) 

(circa: March)
And then a few weeks later, we took some more photos of baby Jude Miles. He is so cute. I call myself his Aunt. Is that wrong?

This is Kessler. He is ridiculously cool for one so young. He was playing at my house one day, and found the mud. Muddy boy = photo op. 

(circa: April) 
These are my neighbor's kids. She called me the night before Easter and said, "Ummm, my kids are all dressed in their Easter clothes, and I went to take some photos, only... my camera battery died." I grabbed my camera and ran down the road for an impromptu photo-shoot with her cutie kiddos. Yes, there are FOUR boys and then ONE girl. 

(Circa: May)
These are from my pal Sarah's little girls first birthday party. We all heart the Anna-baby. Look at her, how could we not?

and some of the party goers, my pal Heather's girls, and below them is pal Jessica's daughter, Graelyn. (we call hers "toddlers behind bars" Aren't they all just the cutest!?!?

And here is Molly. Angelic, no?  This was the day after she was born whilst I visited her in the hospital.

This is Jessica's (mom of the jailed girl above) sweet, sweet, sweet little boy Daniel. I didn't help deliver him, Jess is not comfortable with me doing her c-sections. Geesh, some people! ;)  This boy's eyes are killer blue. Did I mention how sweet he is?

(Circa: June)
This one is intensely special to me. This is my amazing nephew Franklin. My sister and her husband deal with his autism with incredible love and patience. He rarely makes eye contact with the camera, and getting a smile is hard. You gotta' click fast. I was thrilled when I managed to snag this one, poolside, at his house this summer. When my sister saw it on the LCD screen, she was very happy, which made me happy. If this was the only photo my camera ever captured, it would be worth every penny. ♥
and Truman, the sweetest brother ever to Franklin.

Remember Anna-Baby? This is her cool big brother Ike. Ike as a ringbearer to be exact. Our friends Adam and Leah got married, they are cool, hence the ring-bearer got to wear converse. I heart them.

(Circa: July)
Meet Tru, and her mom and dad. Could there be a cuter family? No, I think not.

Here is Micah being all "pastory". No, really, this family was super sweet and had a HUGE dinner to celebrate their three sons baptisms. It was awesome. Oh, and none of the wild boys jumped in the pool. A true miracle.

(circa: October)
Bud. My girl Martha's little man. A-dor-a-ble. 

Maya... sometimes she just makes you smile. Isn't that a wonderful thing to be able to do for others? I think so.

 (circa: december)
This "shoot" was fraught with the wild boys scaling walls, me yelling "Micah! Get them out of my shot!" and my nieces who actually smile and pose. Girls are SO different than boys... or at least, my wild boys.  Aren't they so pretty?

You have no clue how many little butts I had to photoshop out of this shot... they were all climbing behind the scenes, and it was the end of the day, and wow... but a good shot of a sweet couple :)

the end.


  1. wow, lots of beautiful people! especially those little beebees. ♥♥

  2. You are awesome!! How did you get your pictures to look so good on your blog?? LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of your nephew. :D