Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Year in Review - GTs

GTs... "Good times" if you aren't up on the lingo. This was a very hard one to pick photos for. I mean, our whole vacation was GTs... our girls weekend mountain trip was GTs... all of the daily funny things these wild boys do are GTs... but alas, the list had to be pared down. I also refused to use iPhone pics, that is a whole post of its own. So, if I missed a GT with you, don't be mad at me forever. Thanks.
Apparently, we did not have GTs in January. And also, those are on my backup already, so it is a pain to get to them and resize them for the blog. So, sorry January, you get dissed.

February GTs:
The Albright Knox Art Gallery and trip to the B-Lo. The full story on this is HERE.

March GTs:
Made with the help of a book for boys called "Weapons of Mass Destruction." That's right, that is the title. You know we are rolling out some real gentle lads here at the casa... 

April GTs:
I had to ask for this hug for my birthday. I may get a punch this year for posting this photo. xoxo Sarah! ;) 

This was a hike with friends. I just love this shot because it shows how my boys just go with my pals  families  like they are theirs...♥
May GTs:

June GTs:

July GTs:
Rootbeer Float Night.

Making Tie-Dyes.

Celebrating Hadji with his NY cousins. A big treat for him.

August GTs:
Pop Rocks.

September GTs:

October GTs:
Goin' Dancin'...

November GTs:
The arrival of the Christmas Toy catalog... 

December GTs:
Wrapping a gift for his teddy bear. 

Our yard was "gifted". Much better than being rolled...

The end.

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  1. Awwww....I love your year in reviews...I remember that gallery one, and I love it! You are adorable!!! You suffer from my inability to get in the frame...let's work on that this year...more pics of mamas!!!