Monday, November 07, 2011

Overheard No. 43,256

The "Overheards". AKA things I am forced blessed to hear from my offspring...

Scene: Hadji wants to light his jack o' lantern. I give him two new votive candles. Yes, TWO. Moms, for the love of pete, you sprang for the pumpkin, let that sucker shine bright for a few days. Give the kiddos two votives. He then asks if he can light them. I contemplate this situation, and decide to allow it. Why not? We buzzed off his hair, so its not like its going to catch on fire, and technically the inside of a pumpkin is wet, so...
Yes, I handed over a small book of matches to Hadji. Several of you who know Hadji are now questioning my sanity. You should be.  About ten minutes later, in walks Hadji.

Me: Pumpkin lit? 
Hadji: Yes, but there are no matches left.
Me: Emerson! That box of matches was FULL!!! What did you do?
H: proceeds to tell me in great detail how he and Lincoln burnt some dead leaves, but did so on top of wet leaves, and on the table... "Ya' know, just to be safe."
Me: (shaking head ) We do NOT play with matches Em.
H: Oh I wasn't playing with them. I was very, very serious.

Holy Hannah. This is my life...


  1. i know it's not supposed to be funny...but oh it is sort of really funny.

  2. So you shaved Emer's head, too? Where are the pictures to prove it? And are you going to go after Alden with the clippers next? I can't imagine him without curls!!

  3. Oh god did I really just lol at work!!! What do I tell people I'm laughing my blogger friends son is serious about his matchstick play? LOL

    Just this year I switched to those battery votive candles...this way the wind doesn't blow them out and I don't wake up in a cold sweat remembering I didn't blow them out before I went to bed!!!

  4. ba ha ha ha!!! That is too funny.