Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Crafty Gal and the Old Window...

So, I have this old window. It may not have been obtained under the most honest of circumstances. I shant go into detail, but suffice to say, when you are going to burn down an old homestead, especially one that holds so many childhood memories for me, I feel no guilt at "lifting" an old window. Yep. E-mail all your complaints to judewon'treadthis@gmail.com .

Above you will see the old window. I hesitated greatly about what to do with it for months. Paint it? Sand it down? In the end, I realized that I wanted it the way I got it. Chipped up paint and all from the house I loved. I also realized this method was of great benefit to my being a lazy crafty gal. So, I just got out the Murphy's Oil Soap and went to cleaning. I love me some Murphy's Oil Soap. The minute we ripped up the carpet I went out and got some to use on the wood floor.
Anyway, the next debate was which side to use? I decided on the wood, for now. In part because I love the old rusted latch and bits of green paint that you can see on it.

I knew I wanted to use the window for photos, and again, went back and forth over the use of clips, magnets, etc. In the end, my inner lazy-crafty gal came to the rescue again and whispered to my weary soul "Glue Dots. Use the Glue Dots you dummy!" So I did.

Just like that, I was done. Bam. I love it. More for the place it represents in my heart and the memories I have of where it is from more than anything else. I can't wait until we get our walls painted and get it up for good somewhere.(click photos to enlarge)


  1. I have the same thing hanging in my kitchen. Only not with your lovely family in it and not from a childhood home. They had metal windows by that time. : P It is from a fond memory of working at Habitat in Winston though and has been painted at least 4 different colors on it's journey to the current white.

  2. I had an old glass barn door like this once...it was left in the house when we bought it...I kept it for years knowing I wanted to do exactly the same thing as you did...it was red...and I didn't want to strip the paint either I wanted to leave it just the way it was....I kept it for years and never got around to doing anything to it....years ago my husband convinced me to through it out....why I ever listened to him I'll never know!!! :(

  3. Really cool! I had an old window once...stayed an old window despite my crafty ambitions, lol!

  4. Thought of you when I saw this dear Jude http://redhenhome.blogspot.com/2011/10/making-entrance.html

  5. That is beautiful!!!!!

  6. i have one of these too!! thinking of stringing some twine across it and hanging instagram pics! xo