Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Trip to the B-Lo

Well, you may have thought I entered into yet another season of blogslackedness... I did not. I was traveling abroad. Well... ok, not abroad exactly. We went to Buffalo, affectionately referred to 'round these parts as "The B-Lo." Now, for the next several days, I will wow you with exciting parts of the trip, and so that no one falls asleep and breaks their nose on their keyboard, I will do this over several days/posts. I want to include LOTS of photos, because, quite frankly, you will not believe some of what I will tell you without them...

First off, we left at o'dark thirty. We grabbed the three sleepy heads, threw them, their pillows and such in the car and hit the road. It was a joyous couple hours of silence. I think when it is still dark, they think they are not supposed to talk or anything. No one asked for food, a movie, not a peep until the sun came up. If it weren't for my love of tanned skin, I would consider moving to one of those countries where it is dark for 24 hours a day. Once they were awake, we found that a last minute decision to buy some lucky charms (ok, store brand "magic stars") was a smart one. Small hands digging for marshmallows for hours. My children had never seen the lucky charm before, and were quite enamored. Go team Sheltered Kids.)

There was coffee in the car... for Micah. I also convinced him that I read "somewhere" that eating an apple was like having a cup of coffee before we could find a Starbucks. Sucker!

Of course there was also texting. I almost didn't make it through the mountains where we lose coverage for a while. (names blurred to protect the guilty innocent.)

And, in keeping with my Project 365, I did, in fact take some self portraits in the car. Yeah, its not exactly, uh... flattering, but it is done.

There were also lots of pretty scenes along the way, and when I wasn't staring at the back of my eyelids, or texting like a 13 year old, I was zapping all of my Micah's iPhone battery taking pics. He was not nearly as appreciative when he needed to make a call, or when we got stuck with an extra $15 charge for using too much "data". Hey, what price can you put on these precious memories of my socks in the window? No one appreciates art anymore!

The best part... there were also three little sleepy boys, and my Micah and I enjoyed a blissful time of chatting, hand holding, and even the occasional smooch. (This has been perfected over years of road trips...you newlyweds, or start up roadies, you need to practice in the driveway, lest your lip locking causes an accident.)

Then, when you think you are almost about to lose your mind, and you have failed, yet again, to convince your spouse that an outlet mall stop IS a good choice, you will see this sign, and know... the end is near, and the adventure is just beginning...


  1. how fun! i'm trying to convince jeff that we should drive to chicago with the kids for a weekend this summer but he is so scared of the road trip down their with them :)

    looking forward to seeing more of your adventure!!

  2. i love all the pics! looks fun :) I want to take a long road trip too. Pete is convinced our kids are too young, but we can make it 6 hours to LA with nary a whine so I'm thinking we can handle it!

  3. Wooo hooo! Can't wait to read more about your trip and see more pictures! :)

  4. Jude, again, cracking me up! I cannot wait to see more!

  5. I think I would enjoy the road trip way more than the actual B Lo!!! LOL

    Funny thought our last trip we both encountered the "You've exceeded your data limit" message!!"

    And I WILL remember that Lucky Charm tip for the next trip we have!!! THANKS!!

  6. I live about 3 miles from that last picture! Love that you went through Erie..