Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Since I am still trying to figure out the new blogger and it's insane new photo posting ways, I decided to put aside the last two B-Lo trip installments and give you a list. You know the drill. Random. List. Sometimes 10, sometimes... not. Always sarcastic.

1. I stopped reading a blog I had clicked to the other day solely because the woman ended every! single! sentence! with! an! exclamation! point! I worried I could have a heart attack from all the excitement about what! cute! outfits!her! kids! wore! to! the! park! gag.

2. I played the game loaded questions last night for the first time. I love it. Lying, truth telling, guessing, competitive point keeping. I need to own it.

3. Last week, I chaperoned a first grade field trip. I learned that a 7 year old girl who shows her butt crack in her low rise jeans is just as wrong as when say, a plumber does. What? You moms think because there is princess peeking out it makes that crack cute? NO! Cover the Crackage! If I am ever the First Lady, that will be my "issue". I want t-shirts, CTC bumper magnets, and 5Ks to support the cause.

4. I gave up chips for Lent. I have eaten them, by mistake, 4 times now. (The 5th mishap was stopped by my friend Martha screaming, "NO JUDE!" Thanks Martha... I think ;)

5. Do we really need to talk about Charlie Sheen? I guarantee if you could access either his or his manager's hard drive sometime in the last six months, you would find them google searching charlie manson. Why? Because that is who is he acting like, and he knew it would sell. He may not have tiger blood, but he can smell a good news story a mile away.

6. I pulled up a calorie counter to see how many calories my favorite drink from Sonic is. A lemonberry slushy. YUM. I was elated when I saw a large only has 184 calories! Woohoo. Until I scrolled back up and saw that, no... that was the amount of carbs in a drink. The calorie count was somewhere in the neighborhood of 54,234 or so. No more happy hour for this girl.  I hate technology.

7. I started this on Tuesday and never finished it. I don't know what it says about me that I can no longer even complete a list of 10 things in a timely manner.

8. I just found a recipe for Sponge Candy. I am elated. I tried it last night, despite the fact that I do not own a candy thermometer, and you need one for this recipe. I think I got impatient, and the end result was a mass of taffy-esque type stuff that would rip the teeth out of a hippo. I think I shall buy a candy thermometer.

9. In my quest for a Sonic replacement, I bought 8 pounds of strawberries. In my defense, they were on sale.

10. Its pouring rain, its spring break, and this sad, sad post is all I am capable of...


  1. You! Mean! It! Was! Like! This!?
    Or was it like this!
    Is that too much excitement!?

    HAHAHH That was hilarious! HEY JUDE!!!
    Oh, now I'm doing it lol

  2. 1. i am an abuser of the exclamation. i'm sorry! !! !!!
    2. that game is so fun
    3. um yeah. i couldn't agree more. crack is whack.
    4. chips? so is that only salt and vinegar or all chips?
    5. WINNING!
    6. eeeks! oh but sonic is so good. and if you go at happy hour that takes off some of the calories, right? because it costs less?
    7. hey, at least you didn't fill in with pictures like i did!
    8. what is sponge candy? i'm clueless.
    9. YUM!
    10. i hope it stops raining so you guys can enjoy the rest of spring break :)

  3. Jellybean-
    You are just funny-
    Love, Eggsalad

  4. I just know you'd do the same if I would have reached for those M&Ms on the table ;) ALSO, the lemonberry slush is my absolute favorite and I keep stopping myself from checking to see how many calories because I know it will make me so sad just as sad as when I made my biggest life mistake by checking how many calories were in a frappacino.

  5. I wish there was a sonic near me...I'm in love with Ocean Waters!!! YUM..and I refuse to look up the calories on that bad boy!!!

    I'm the worse abuser of the exclamation point, but I didn't go on a picnic the other day so I know it's not me you're talking about this time.

    Oh god Charlies Sheen....please oh please...enough said.