Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweetheart's Dinner

We loved with a love that was more than love. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Lest you think I am a bah humbugger about Valentine's Day, here is proof I am not. Last night we had a lovely dinner with our little brood. The Fab Five. We had a wonderful dinner with some of everyone's favorites, real china, candles, and lots of laughs. We called it the Sweetheart's Dinner, and it really was... yep, sweet. Each boy had a small gift, wrapped, and a handmade by mom-valentine at their place. (the cards even had a made up poem for each boy the back.) I think my favorite part was going around and telling each one, including my Micah, something I LOVE about them. When he asked them to return the favor, Hadji's responses had me wanting to cry one minute, and laugh the next. Typical. Here are some pics. I put the camera down at dinner. I didn't want to spend Valentine's dinner coaxing proper smiles. It was a good decision.

These are the doilies we painted and strung from the chandilier. I loved this. Loved that my boys all had SO much fun painting them. Loved how festive it made the dining room look. Loved sitting at the table looking at them turning as we laughed,ate, and made a memory. Plus, no one burped, hit, or used utensils as weapons at dinner. They must be magic doilies.I may never take them down.

This... Oh my word. Alden got his stool and gave the cupcakes a talking to. "Pupcakes, we gonna fwost you and EAT you!"

I think he felt bad, he gave them a goodbye kiss.

But he was still going to enjoy eating them anyway.

The Poor Cupcakes. Decorated by small hands, lots of love and spit went into those sprinkle decorations.

That is how we celebrated Valentine's Day with the wild boys. I love those knuckleheads.


  1. awe! that is so sweet! :) We had a nice evening, but nothing that creative. I'll have to remember this for next year :)

  2. I love tha magical doilies! May have to do some next year. :D And Alden with the cupcake good-bye kisses, oh how cute!!


  3. All I could think about the entire time reading was what wonderful memories your boys will have.

    Question, when you make things such as cards and dolly ornaments what do you do with them once the day has passed? Do you store them and if so how?

    I'm currently keeping every little thing this madam makes and I clearly see it's not practical but I can't help it, and I don't know how to organize it.

  4. so cute jude. love all the details for your handsome valentines :)
    and alden with the cupcakes...adorable!