Monday, February 14, 2011

Going Retro...

It is February 14th. That means Valentine's Day. Lest you think this will launch into a narrative about my husband, and be some sentimental post about our love, well... it's not. I am here to ask... What gives with the kids Valentines?
When I was growing up, you decorated an envelope, or a large can if the room mother ate enough beans and corn, and decorated it. That was hung or sat on your desk, and at the appointed time, classmates dropped in little notes of sweetness, and in some cases, puppy love. I remember distinctly agonizing in the first grade over which card to give a certain boy. I graduated with that boy and I bet he never knew the 7yr old torture I went through. Anyway... cards in a bucket. If you were lucky there were a few scratch n' sniff ones. (see above photo)Then we had cupcakes, juice, and maybe some chips. Done. Happy Valentine's Day.
Now? Now guess what we get? Goody Bags filled to overflowing with candy, party favors, pencils, and more. Huh? I thought we sent Valentine CARDS. I have caved to the pressure in years past and given the boys lollipops to hand out with the cards. This year though, I was in Target and was overwhelmed at the packaging and card "plus" items available. Oh, you can give a spiderman card... and a small gift. I decided...enough. We would set the new-old trend... Valentine CARDS.
At home that night I realized though... we are being cheated. Where in the hades are the little white envelopes? They are no longer around! We are forced to fold over the cards and close them with heart stickers that are about as sticky as say... oil. LAME. No wonder these moms are sending all this crap... BRING BACK THE LITTLE WHITE ENVELOPES! Kids write the names on them, perhaps add a sticker or drawing. Then we can all rest easy, stop giving away starbucks gift cards and iPod shuffles with each Valentine, and get back to being... well, normal.
The point of Valentine's Day is, wait for it... THE VALENTINES!!!
That is it. Little white envelopes would make me happy. For today... ;)
I leave you with a relic of the cards I sent as a child...


  1. Could not. agree. more. *sigh* Up until today, I always did just that, just the cards. I have been *that* mom that has no goody bag. LOL. This year, I did get bags and put 5 little sweethearts in each one. I caved! Only cause, though, the valentines we bought had, you guessed it, no cards! UGH! You know, if you do the math, those over flowing goody bags cost a fortune! I feel the same way about party bags. ;) I don't do them(you know, the bags full of little gifts you give the party attendees?). To me, the gift is the cake and ice cream, if you want to look at it that way, and tough cookies, it's not your party, so no gift for you! HA! :) Yes, unite-only v-day cards, no more over doing it moms!!!

  2. Word to the wise...don't visit my blog today, wait until tomorrow when the valentines post is down.

    No starbucks gift cards but I just felt like baking with the little one to do something different that's all...

    Can we still be friends!! LOL

  3. isn't it crazy? it's one thing I don't really miss about public school. the parties at Jake's school were out of control. remember when there would be a sign up list posted on the door and you might get chips, cupcakes and orange soda? the parties at our school were crazy. it was a competition between room moms. not only were every valentine filled with extra 'stuff', the kids also got McDonalds happy meals for lunch and plastic placemats to take home and a BUCKET full of candy and pencils and bubbles and junk. Yep. I don't miss it. My kid might if I remind him (i won't) but no, I do not miss it at all!

  4. I did do a post about Sean. :/

    Simon came home today with a GIANT BOX full of CRAP. I sent him with just the cards. I was apparently the only mother in the entire class to do so. Oops. I feel lame, but really, not that lame. I spent $2.50. How much did the other mothers spend? On stuff I'm only going to throw away. Hee hee. Who's the sucker now? Pun TOTALLY intended. :D

  5. oh how I miss the envelopes too! i so remember them!!

    it's gotten a bit out of control, and a room mom for my kids class, I decided to reel it in. we decorated a cookie, had some juice, read a book and made a little craft. But, i couldn't control the stuff that they handed out. i mean serioulsy, Tanner got a valentine that INFLATED into a balloon. NOT KIDDING.