Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Yes, it is a little list of Ten things... just some randomness, and since I do love alliteration, it has been dubbed

"Ten on Tuesday"

1. After reading some of the comments and e-mails from my last post I realize... there are alot more dookey-handling moms out there in the trenches. They apparently, choose NOT to vent about it via the Internet. I wonder if these other moms would want in on a group discount on t-shirts.... I can see the imaging now...

2. Overheard in our car...

Lincoln: Mom, I know why Hadji peed in his pants.

Mom: (giving the stink eye whilst saying this) Lincoln, you do not need to keep bringing that up. We have talked to Hadji, we are the parents, stop talking about it.

Insert silence here... until...

Hadji: (looking out the window) I know why, its cause I just don't care.

That statement was said so matter of factly, I almost peed MY pants!

3. I admit it... I checked out and read in one day, "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli. It was in the "young adult" section, so I felt a little like I was buying a training bra. It was a good reminder of how stupid high school peer pressure can be, and really, how some adults never seem to stop acting like they are in fact, still in high school.

4. I puked so violently last week I really thought my eyeballs were going to pop out. It was migraine induced pukage, and poor Micah... I was slumped over the potty like a middle schooler who found the keys to liquor cabinet... not a pretty sight.

5. I almost cried when Alden lept into Lincoln's arms this morning and hugged him and said. "I wove you! I wove you!"

6. I did in fact shed tears over last night's Biggest Loser. When Jillian tears up, what can you expect from a normal (ok, semi normal) human!?!?!

7. I just realized today is Wednesday, not Tuesday. That really messes up the whole "Ten on Tuesday" alliteration thing...

8. I often wonder why, why do we as people insist on trying to pry open windows when God has closed a door? Maybe He should paint them shut.

9. If someone does not stop buying all the peppermint mocha creamer up, I am going to be grumpy... ok, grumpier.

10. overheard again at our house this week:

(This is after I have graciously told my children we were done rotting their brains with the TV and the Wii, and some legos, or book reading would ensue.)

Lincoln: Mom let's read Captain Underpants

Emerson: (looks at me, then leaning over, cups his hand over his mouth and thinks he is whispering to Lincoln): No Wincon I don't fink mom gets that book. She is a girl.

Clearly my children fail to realize that as the youngest of four girls, I was almost like the family pet, and tom-boy would be putting it mildly... I have LIVED potty humor! So ha!


  1. LOL!! Oh that Hadji is a funny kid!
    And you totally had me for a second.I really thought it was Tuesday again. Thank goodness it isn't!

  2. I wove it. Couldn't resist.

    How is Hadji doing in Kindergarten? You never blogged about his first day!

    I have pondered Capt. Underpants, but have yet to take the leap. Is it something I even want to start??


  3. good stuff.
    and glad I wasn't the only one crying last night over the biggest loser....

  4. You had me at "I wove you". Seriously ... that is so so good. Have a great day Jude!

  5. "I just don't care" LOL!!! I've gotta' meet your boys someday! Knowing their parents...

  6. "I just realized today is Wednesday, not Tuesday. That really messes up the whole "Ten on Tuesday" alliteration thing..."

    you nearly made me pee my pants.

  7. #9 This is SO my issue also. When I find it, I will buy up every last one of is that good :)

  8. I love it. So stinkin funny. I never would have known it wasn't tuesday if you didn't mention it. I have grandmaitis...LOL...come see some new pics when you get a chance. I'm feeling scrappy again, now that she is here.