Monday, October 05, 2009

A week in my life...

Oh how did I let this happen? I let Beth talk me into joining her, Nicole, Chrissy and some of our other blogging friends on a scrapbooking project called, "A Week in the Life". The whole idea is that you take lots of pictures of your day all week long, then make some lovely scrappy creation about it.

Here is last year's Monday...

Where you may ask are Tuesday, Wednesday, and the other days of the week...
Well, lest you think I do not realize there are seven of them, I will simply come clean. That is where my week ended last year. Seriously, I could not get it together enough to finish the days in proper scrapbeautification. So sad...
Even sadder still, is the fact that I have the unfinished pages sitting in a little to-do pile here in my office as if I am actually going to finish them. Sorry Week in October 2008... you lose.

However, I have been a good girl and clicking away this week. Today though, today I missed quite possibly what would have been the best photo of the week.
A cute picture of your children you ask? No... though they are cute.
A photo of a glorious homemade apple pie? asks the ever inquisitive blogger. Negativ-o, I say.
More Delicious Shoes... you wonder? Nope, no shoe shopping this week for me.
What then, screams your face as you read this, what ever would have been the best picture of the week???
Well, I will tell you...
Today as I sat outside reading whilst the boys played. (ropes, a wagon, and d-rings, it is a miracle there was no ambulance involved.) I heard this noise. It was something coming down the road. Now, out here in the country where I live, I am quite familiar with the possible noises of vehicles and whatnot coming down the road. They are as follows...

**the slow moving tractor driven by a man of oh, about 903 years of age.
**the fast moving tractor, driven by a much younger man who cuts the grass on the roadside for all of us.
**the loud bass of the teenage wanna-be's stereo. (if the large spoiler on the back of his Cavalier could make noise too, wow...)
**the screeching breaks of the snotty luxury car driving mama who was too busy yakking it up on her cell phone to obey the 35MPH signs, as she enters the almost complete circle of a curve right down the road.
**the motorcycles who actually speed up for aforementioned curve.
**There are also assorted school bus, tractor-trailer, chicken and cow sounds as well.

BUT today, today I heard this very odd noise... it was almost like a really loud blender, or an AC window unit in screech mode. Think, straining mechanics here folks. I look up and see...

A 40 something man in jeans, on a bike with what looks like it has a weed-eater mounted on the actual bike. It is propelling the bike, literally. It has to be the most odd looking contraption I have ever seen. So much so, that I stood there, speechless. Now, since that rarely happens my children of course wondered what was wrong with me, as I tried to explain what I had just seen.
We went back to playing. About a half hour later... I hear something, I listen... is it? could it be? I leap up, "Lincoln, I think it is the crazy bike again!" I run in and grab my little camera, but by the time I get outside, it is too late, he is already speeding by... Lincoln says, "Aw, too bad mom, that would have been a great picture."
Yes son, it would have indeed.
The best part... when Micah got home and I was telling him about our day. I ended with my "guess what we saw" edition. He says, "I have heard of bikes being equipped with motors before." As if this is not some weird sighting...

"Really?" I say. "Well, do the motors look like weed eaters and have duct tape holding them to the bike frame?"
I think that was when he realized, this was not some tree hugger saving the world one commuter at a time...
It gives new meaning to the term "going green"...

Here are some of this week's favorite photos despite the missed shot of the year:


  1. I really wish you had gotten that picture, ROFL!

  2. that must have been some sort of redneck motorized bike! how funny!
    I LOVE your pictures for the week. The sandwich one is making me hungry

  3. You are putting that camera to good use! Love the pie ooze!


  4. You're rockin' that new camera!! I hope the scary bike contraption finds its way back past your house. :)

  5. That's hilarious, Jude! Your pictures are stunning. I want one of those sandwiches RIGHT NOW!

  6. That would have been an awesome photo ... however, those you took are fabulous! Hoping the scrappiness of it all is coming together for you! And I'm with you about 2008 ... that week in my life is a write off!
    Have a great day!

  7. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Minnesota is where Bill and I had the BEST cinnamon buns in the universe when we camped the whole summer. Why for you?

  8. love these photos jude!!!
    sending you good vibes for album completion this year :)

  9. yay for photos
    and friends. :)
    (and crazy stories)

    nice shirt.

  10. Do I need to get my daughter to remind u of the 7 days of the week... She has a cute little song that goes along w/ it!!! Lol