Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who is running this Blog anyway?

So... I realized I have become the slackingest blogger ever. Well, ok, not ever, but still. I just noticed the last update was October 6th. So... I am going to start some short and sweet type posts... in any given week we will have:
Made up Quote Monday - Yes, I will make up thought provoking, inspired, and truly forgettable quotes for you. (no, forgettable was not a typo, hang with the sarcasm folks.)
Treat Yourself Tuesday - Ideas for how to give your self a little boost by doing something fun for you. Ideas have been pouring in, so as soon as I narrow it down between "Digging out Your Own Hang Nails" and "Making the Most of Laundry Time". I will be sharing these amazing ideas for stealing some fun alone time. I know, it seems selfish, but hey...
We are too busy to ever blog on Wednesdays - So yeah, Wednesdays, not a good day for blogging, hence, there is basically just no Wednesday in this blog's world. End of story. So long hump day, "pjs are clothes" will miss you.
Statistical Thursday - Need a number? We will have them. I plan on making up all manner of important statistics for the general public's use. For example, did you know that 20% of blog readers never make it past the first paragraph of a photoless blog? I guess you are in the 80% side huh? Stay tuned, I plan on reporting the exact number of mother's with screaming babies in public who really do lose their minds, and the huge spike in migraine medicine sales based on the number of political debates on TV.
Flaunt a new Word Friday - Yep, I will randomly post a new word for you, with a definition. It is like a word a day calendar, only these are made up words, and they are not posted daily. Other than that, totally the same.
Air it out Saturday - one line, short list style, of things that made me annoyed this week... wait did I just say short list? For real? hahahahaha...

So, hang in there blogadopes (definition for that Friday!! ) I will try and be better based on the above choices. Mind you, this does NOT mean I plan on posting these daily. It means that if I wake up at 2:15am on a Thursday night, and have nothing worthwhile to share, I can access the Statistical Thursday option and be done... nice..
But here is a photo and a LO to keep you around just in case.
This was taken at the park when we went hiking with some friends this week. I totally had a mosquito on my nose in the original. I used that cloning tool thingy in photoshop to fix it. Can you see how proud I am of myself? I still have no clue how to get pictures on a "blank canvas" as all you photoshop experts call it, but by george, I CAN get a mosquito off my nose.


  1. what great topics...looking forward to all the statistics and definitions that you plan on sharing.

    :)oh, and making laundry more fun would be a good, good, read!

  2. looking forward to hearing some new words i can use ... you are awesome! have a great weekend ....
    luv chanel

  3. I look forward to you posting more often than every 3 weeks!


  4. Just found your blog from Greta. Love all of your LO's!!! They are fabulous!

  5. is so funny, but I may have to steal some of your ideas because, I have not been bloggy lately.

  6. Anonymous11:54 AM

    course we read even though there may not be pictures...its because you are so freaking funny! you crack us up and we hungrily await another post!

  7. New words? Yay!!!

  8. great post.
    love the photo of you and alden.

    p.s. miss you.

  9. Oh BOY!!! Can't wait to see THESE posts. You are too much, Jude! I haven't been posting or reading like I use to do...there's something to be said for having something ELSE to do everyday! ARGH!!

    Love the LO's!