Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rain will not harm you, keep your clothes on...

So, one week ago (last Thursday) we had some special guests for dinner. SHE and her lovely family were here. Yes, here in my home. It was so very nice. I did laugh when Chrissy said she was lecturing her boys on the way here about not talking potty talk... as if Poop isn't my kids favorite word! (Their new poop-related vernacular is its own post... another day.)

Anyway. Kids are happy, husbands are chatting... very nice. You see either one of those could have been the friendship buster. Oh, stop looking at your computer all a-gog. You KNOW there are people who you are friends with, but your husbands don't click, or the kids fight every time they are together, and hence... the friendship suffers. Sad, but true.

Well I am happy to report that Sean and Chrissy have been where only the closest of friends have gone and lived to tell about it...
Brad and Allison, Lorena, Jen, and sadly, I think even you Kim, (yes YOU, the blog stalking one... LOL) you know what I mean... here it is:

Everyone is happy, playing, chatting, we are like a durn Norman Rockwell painting. As the menfolk finish up the grilling (sorry Betty Friedan, totally a "Boy-Job" at this house) a storm rolls in and it is pouring. I mean POURING. After getting all kids in, draining the rainwater off the grilled meat treats, I hear laughing... I see Felix pointing... I peer around the corner...

And there is my little Emerson... buck NAKED!
"EEK! What are you doing?"
He looks at ME like I am the one who is crazy and says, "Dat rain got my clothes all wet."
Like, Duh, mom, why else would I be stripped down to my bare butt in the middle of this room full of new faces? Seriously, the kid was looking at me like why would you NOT take off wet clothes?
I looked at Sean and Chrissy... knowing it was a defining moment... would the bare buns marr the potential for future cookouts and such???

Would they ever be able to get past the fact that apparently, rain inspires nudity in our home???

I breathe a sigh of relief when I see them doubled over laughing.
Plus I let Sean win at Poker, so now they have to be our friends... hahahahaha....
and the pictures:

Now, this week marked an important event in our home... it was our Wedding Anniversary. We are not anniversaryish kind of people. There are no $100 dinners, renewing of vows, etc. I did try and convince Micah that I needed a new ring, but once he realized where the comma was in the one I liked, he laughed. Quite heartily I might add.

Well, I thought we were doing our typical celebration. (um, meaning nothing.) We did haul out the old wedding video earlier this week and watched it with the boys. So funny to see those big bangs, skinny butts, and old friends.

BUT... then Micah hauled out the big guns...

It was our last small group night for church and I thought he brought his guitar for all of us to sing. Nope, he asks the group to indulge him, explains that it is our Anniversary and whips out a huge rose bouquet. (mind you the number of roses was our number of years married even! He had them delivered to our friend's house where we meet too... planned AHEAD, that always wins big points with me!) Then, he asks me to come sit by him and sings my song for me. It is a song he wrote for me a few years ago. He would never admit it, but it is an amazing song, I totally think he could sell it. So he sang it, there, for me, in front of lots of people, after saying many nice and sweet things about me.

Everyone give the collective "Awwwww". Yep, he is THAT kind of husband. I have said it before and will say it again, I so don't deserve him, but I am so glad I have him.
Thanks Micah, I love you!!!

Here is my latest LO for Unpubbed... Gotta love the orange dye in tangerine Italian ice!

And this one is for Memorable Seasons:


  1. how sweet is that?! a song?! in front of people?! AND roses? Micah, please give Pete a call and give him some lessons! 209-913-****
    Happy anniversary!!
    Sean and Chrissy are great people. Glad you all bonded...I have to agree with the whole husband/kid thing. It can defintely make or break a friendship, no doubt.
    oh and too funny about Emmerson! LOL!! definitely a defining moment! LOL!

  2. Your husband is the best. Roses? and Singing? Amazing.
    Congrats on 14's so wonderful to hear.

    And, I am happy to hear that nakedness was not the end of the friendship with Sean and Chrissy. Sounds like you had a great evening!


  3. What's funny is that it never even occurred to me that the whole nakedness thing would even matter! Felix stripped in front of a crowd at my sisters house{a crowd full of non family members} and then again ON the beach! In the line of vision of at least 50 people. LOL

    I was a little worried about the husbands as Sean isn't always the easiest person to get along with. SO glad the guys hit it off, b/c HE is usually my friendship breaker. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just that he doesn't hide his true emotions. If he doesn't like somebody he is physically/emotionally unable to pretend that he does.

    Anyways, we will be hanging out with you guys more often! Seriously, I think Micah could be very good for Sean. Roses and songs in front of an audience?? That is amazing and you are so lucky to have each other.

    See you soon!


  4. Ah... you should hang those roses upside down above the dryer so next time he leaves something like gum in his pocket you will look at the roses and remember that beautiful moment.

  5. thats all my hubby would have to done to a naked kid was laugh a naked little kid is always funny in a crowd like that and congrats on your anniversary !!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! How lovely. It's always good to have reminders of why you are together, methinks.
    Double bonus points for scoring friends for the whole family. That can be harder than marriage!

  7. Oh my goodness, Jude...that is SOOO wonderful! I'll tell ya, sometimes those husbands can really reach back and pull an awesome fast one on you, can't they? That is so sweet. I just love roses. Good job, Micah!

    Love the "nekked" story! (I'm from Georgia, sorry...that's how we say it down in these parts!)

    Talk to you soon!

  8. so great that you and chrissy are able to get together now...and that the kids and husbands passed their tests :)
    and oh don't you love when your children do things like that - at least chrissy has two boys herself and totally gets it - I really love it when it happens with people who aren't around kids and then they really think your crazy!!
    and again happy anniversary - micah is sure a sweet guy - but Jude I'm sure your a sweet gal to him too!

  9. I am so jealous! I want to come driving by your house:( boo! why you all gotta live so far away?

  10. Happy Belated Anniversary! You two are just the sweetest:) honor of Emmerson..hahaha! That was so funny. In the words of Asa "Nekked Booooty:)"

  11. Horay for wonderful husbands, for friends and for rain =)!

    Your laouts are wonderful! Have a blessed day my friend!

  12. Anonymous2:11 PM

    aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! super syrupy sweet!!! heehee....jay is like that too...and i love it!!

    glad you had fun with chrissy and family...and dude!!! you mean YOU DON"T take your clothes off when their wet??? what good is rain if not for dancing around naked in it??
    ROTFLMBO!!!! way to go emmerson!!

    have a fabulous day jude!!

  13. oh my goodness ... that is amazing, that would never happen in our house - we have NOT good singing voices! windows would break seriously!
    what a gorgeous way to remember your anniversary tho!
    luv chanel

  14. Aww so sweet. Happy Anniversary!

  15. awww... that is awesome that you had such an awesome visit from Chrissy and her family!! Happy Anniversary too, your flowers are gorgeous!

  16. Ok that is an incredible sweet story...the anniversary one that is. I love that he planned things out. Andy laughed too when I said that I wanted a new ring but then started negotiating....I said at 15 years he said 20. Ummm with the current job situation (or lack there of) I guess he wins. Dang, I hate losing!

    way to go emers....I mean if you are going to break company in...go naked! LoL!

  17. Such a sweet anniversary!!! What a lucky lady. :) AND nekkid kids to boot. Wowza. Love your LO's!