Monday, June 09, 2008

Heat takes Ant's Life... News at 11

I am here, I am alive, despite the heat that is even forcing ants to seek shelter in my home. I am a bug hater all around... a Bughatermaximus really. Even though I hate them, even I, was a little moved by the fact that the poor ants were seeming to come in my mudroom door to get relief from the oppressive heat, only to die right there once they got in. Ok, I wasn't really that torn up, it saved me from having to smush them.

So, last week Lincoln officially graduated from kindergarten. I was one big, gigantic, tear. It was really hard because his school is closing. :( I started the tear fest when another mom told me how sad her daughter was about going to a new school and she got all teary eyed...
I said "No! Stop!! I am a sympathy crier!!"
But, alas, it was too late... my tear ducts knew what was going on and began their morning long journey. Mass snot production also ensued, and I went through two packs of "puffs to go" tissues and even had to steal some more from the classroom too... I was pathetic. think I cried out so much of my body's water supply I didn't have to pee for two days. Poor Micah, I am quite certain it was not a prideful moment for him...
"Yeah, see her, the one with red eyes and a handful of snotty tissues? That's my girl!!"
Sorry bud...
So, he is done, the halls of his wonderful little school are empty, forever... and it is a real loss to our family and many others. And that is all I am going to say about that...

Summer is here, and that means I am kicking myself for not trying harder to get rid of the Alden Jiggle sooner... when will bloomers be back in fashion? I mean really, you can suck your gut in, but unless anyone has some new breathing trick for me, you cannot suck in hips, thighs, or the buttockial region... back to the weights I go...

I have some scrappiness to show... so hold on to your hats.
This is another Mini-Mini Book... it is for an on going challenge over at Memorable Seasons, where there are on-going summer challenges fraught with prizes, so head over there. ;0
The size of this is only 2½ in. high by 4in. wide. I will show the rest of the pages as I complete them.
The above two are the cover and the inside cover.
page one...
And one with some of the new MME papers...
This one was for our latest Famer over at Unpubbed... Don't forget to lift Nicole to win her prize kit too!!
Ok, off to bed...


  1. Congrats to Lincoln! So sorry it was so emotional! I can soo see this happening to me in a handful of years!

  2. that picture of Lincoln is SO cute! I love it. Dang, he's such a big kid! Can you believe it?
    I'm very affraid. Jake starts Kindergarten Aug. 13th. I know I'm just going to melt into a pool of tears. Gah! I can't even think about it! I'm gonna need to stock up on tissue. I better start buying now!

  3. Man, kindergaten graduations are way too emotional. Can't wait to meet that kid. And the other. And the man. Call you in the morning!


  4. congrats to lincoln....he's a big boy now mom know that right? that is what mason informed me....just thought i would pass that info along to ya JUST INCASE you weren't informed!!

  5. Kindergarten graduation. Yep, I understand - been there 4 times now with one left to go. lol

    Bugs - we are being overrun by nasty spiders. I'll trade you for some ants?

  6. Anonymous11:57 PM

    boo about the school! what the hell is venbedient? oh and from one testosterone house of boys to another, know what also works particularly awesome for the five minute pee-ers? A pop bottle! their little thing fits in there, no spillage and you can put the lid on and not fear someone tipping it over! ps...when are the thesaurus people cutting you a check? love the words you come up with!

  7. Man, I hate bugs...can't stand them. Sorry to hear they were taking refuge in your house!

    And that picture is the best! I don't know what I'll do when Tanner graduates from Kindergarten...

  8. Love that pose Lincoln is giving in his cap and gown. Too Cute!

  9. Awww, Jude, it's ok, us mommy's have an extra resevoir of tears...God KNEW these days would come for us :-). I remember you and I talking about this back when I did my sappy post about my Jayla. I'm sad to hear about the school closing. Hopefully all will work out.

    Congrats to Lincoln. He looks so handsome!

    Great Mini-mini book :-). Still waiting on that swap...

  10. He's growing so fast ... next year is grade one! I'd be crying too! Love your art Jude! That mini was a great challenge! Have a wonderful day!

  11. good stuff my friend.

    so when can i come to nc to hang out with you and chrissy?

  12. oh congrats lincoln!!
    now only 20++ years to go :)
    totally hear you on the emotional thing - if it is the right situation I am a mess - even on the right day every commercial on tv can have me sobbing!
    also love the lo and especially the cool to do a mini all about you and her. love it!

  13. love that picture of Lincoln!!! ;) congrats to him, but watch out because it is going to only move faster, it just seems like yesterday that Saadiq was in Kindergarten and now he will be in second this year!!! so glad you are okay, the weather is so MUCH better this week!!

  14. why is his school closing? I love that pic of him he doesn't seem bothered at all!! LOL