Friday, November 17, 2006

OK, Seriously....

If I don't get to scrap this weekend, my head will explode. Seriously. I know, you are thinking, "well dummy... if you weren't posting this blog message, you would have some time to scrap..."
True enough, a little. I have to clean my scrap space up a bit, and that will take a while, so I am avoiding the cleaning by blogging... what a lazy woman I am huh? So, I have designated Sunday as scrap day... I will create, make things, be artsy... can you schedule creativity? PLUS, I wanted to show you all that my new Autumn Leaves stamps are here... and My 7Gs too... YEAH! See... I must create. Did you see the Maya Road ribbons... CAN'T WAIT TO CREATE... hmmmm that rhymes a little too... see, bloggin can spark creativity... I am being poetic... OKay... laundry duties call, and putting away groceries, and you know what... I had to stop and wipe a butt while writing this... that's why I can't scrap right now... poop does not inspire me... well, not that much anyway...

Ok, I couldn't take it... I just made this page in 20 minutes, literally... from printing the pictures to the finished LO... yeah, it might look like it only took 20 minutes, but who cares... I got a little creative burst out! LOL... and yeah, the picture stinks... I really want a 12x12 scanner!


  1. Nice quick layout....I sometimes love the simple layouts as opposed to an abundance of stuff.

    It looks clean but fun!!!

  2. I want to play with all the cool stuff on your desk!! Can I come over??

    Love the layout. I wish I could scrap more like that. I go way overboard on my layouts.