Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Finally... it is here...

And it has some friends coming soon! I have long been coveting these, I missed my chance every time to order them, but finally I found them! (okay, I could have had them sooner, but I refused to pay as much for shipping as the stamp itself cost!That is my eternal pet peeve)This one came from eBay, the other two are from my new favorite online store, the one that feeds my Maya Road addiction!LOL. I cannot wait to use it, the only bad part... I have NO time to scrap until tomorrow night!


  1. Oh, I LOVE my 7 gypsie stamps. I use them all the time! Have loads of fun. Make something QUICK and post it...I can't wait!!!!

  2. Adrienne6:31 AM

    ROFLOL!!! Have fun!!!!!!!!

  3. debbie11:14 AM

    Yea! I had been looking for them everywhere. finally got mine last week. Already used one of them. Can't wait to dream up more ideas to use them! Worth every penny. Never even thought of ebay. Enjoy!!

  4. First I don't think you mentioned this purchase. Second will you be using it to complete your target albums? Third what is it?

  5. OK help those a little slow on the scrapbook side...what is it?

    Oh I just saw Karla's comment about it being a 7 gypsie so now I can go and google it and find out what it is on my own!!! LOL